Model NO.: F5
Computerized: Non-Computerized
Certification: CE
Material: Plastic
Product Name: Plastic Grind Machine
Model: F5
Output: 200-280kg/H
Motor: 11kw
Size of Feeder: 500*350
Weight: 0.6t
Quantity of Tool: 8PCS
Dimension: 1500*900*1700
Trademark: RUIHAO
Specification: CE
Origin: China
Use characteristic:

It is used for crushing waste thread, waste file and off cut for re-utilization. The diameter of crushed material can be adjusted by replacing filter screen according to your different requirements.
Plastic Grind Machine/Granulator/Plastic Recycling Machine (F5)
Model Output  motor   size of material inlet    weight quantity of tool outline diameter 
FD350 120kg/h    7.5kw                    300*350mm                    0.30T                    5pc 700*700*1500mm
FD500 180kg/h    15kw                      500*400mm              0.55T                  8pc   950*1450*1600mm

Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression , agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses.


 The SMC combined type Water Tank was designed with the National Building materials Bureau Glass fiber reinforced plastic Research Design institute, is new water tank which at present internationally generally use. It has no leakage, the weight is light, the water quality is good, the contour is artistic, and the service life is long and merits and so on easy installation. 

 The water tank seal uses the sealing tape which develops specially. This sealing tape non-toxic, water resistant, the elasticity is big, the permanent deformation is small, and the lifetime may above 30 years. 

SMC Water Tank

SMC Water Tank

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