Automobile 4S shops and second-hand dealers are the channels through which we can usually purchase cars. What are the differences between these two places? Where do we buy cars more cost-effective? Take a look at the difference between the two to make you more eye-sighted and get more benefits when buying a car.


First, from the perspective of their construction channels. 4S shop is generally established by manufacturers directly or with powerful dealers and manufacturers. It can provide more and better services for customers. And the final maintenance and repair of cars need to be in the 4S shop. To complete, it can be said that the 4S shop is a place to provide services to customers in all directions. The integrated stores are also often referred to as second-hand dealers. They are usually individual automobile sales outlets. The automobile brands that are operated here are not the only ones. At the same time, they also sell some automotive appliances, which can provide customers with vehicle insurance and other related services. The main difference between them is that they have different subjects. In fact, the basic situation in selling automobiles is the same.

Second, from the perspective of their pricing strategies. As a car sold by the 4S shop, in the past they could enjoy the difference in sales of cars, which means that the cars sold here are slightly more expensive than the customers directly from the manufacturers, but as the competition in the auto market continues to deepen, 4S The pattern of earning a difference in a shop is no longer available. Most of the 4S stores now receive rebates from manufacturers by increasing sales. This profit is a major source of 4S shop profits. The profits of second-hand dealers are also generally from the price difference of vehicles, but in recent years they have also paid more for customer service. For example, to help customers handle the license plate procedures, to provide customers with vehicle supplies.

Third, from the perspective of the services they provide. In terms of service quality, they are comparable. However, the 4S shop has contracted the after-sales and maintenance services of the vehicle and it seems that the service provided by the customer is more comprehensive. In fact, simply from the cost point of view, the difference between the two has become smaller and smaller, and many secondary dealers even lower prices than the 4S shop. For car buyers, they should make full comparisons before buying and choose the most suitable place.

Fin Type Air Cooling Condenser

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