Recently written a variety of models, each have their own advantages, but Xiao Bian think today's appearance of this car, before all become paper tigers. Then we come to the superficially short-push emergency communications command car.

A: What is an emergency communications command vehicle?

The emergency maneuver command communication vehicle is a kind of mobile command place that can conduct command and dispatch, or it can be said to be the expansion and extension of the fixed command center. It can quickly feedback the situation at the event site to a fixed command center. The reason why it can be more special than other cars is due to the different communication systems on the body. An on-site command platform is formed near the scene of the incident to provide support for the professional teams on the site, provide support for emergency decision-making and command at all levels of government leadership, and further improve the ability of governments at all levels to handle emergencies.


II: Function of Emergency Communication Command Vehicle

1. Real-time acquisition of live image, sound, data, video, and other multimedia information through various communication devices in the car, and adoption of "moving through" and "static communications" antennas and shortwave, ultrashort wave, cluster, 4G, etc. All kinds of private networks or public network links for information transmission;

2. With the command center video, voice and other functions, to ensure the command center real-time remote monitoring and control of the scene, can improve the user unit's ability to emergency handling of emergencies, to ensure the safe and smooth communication;

3. The responsible person's organization, command, and dispatch of related peripheral forces can be realized, uploaded and issued to ensure that all business groups work together to accomplish related missions.

III: Significance of Emergency Communication Command Vehicle

In order to adapt to handling emergencies (disasters), relevant government departments must equip emergency communications command vehicles. The significance of a communications command vehicle lies in emergency communications, distributed dispatching commands, and on-site video backhaul monitoring. With the emergency communications command vehicle, all business units can effectively complete the disposition of the incidents in an orderly and collaborative manner.

Four: The use of emergency communications command

It is mainly applicable to non-conventional occasions such as major events (such as the Olympic Games, Universiade, large-scale evening parties, major political events, etc.) or occasional disruptions caused by emergencies (such as earthquakes, floods, terrorist activities, etc.).

The above is the contents of the emergency communications command vehicle compiled by Xiao Bianpao. If you have any mistakes, I hope you will not leave us behind!

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