The overall comfort of the residential environment in which we live is created by the comfort of all aspects of life. Compared with the convenience of the public system, the cleanliness of the human settlement environment is a more important measure in the present day when pollution is becoming increasingly serious, and it measures the maturity of urban public organisms. In the urban forests we are familiar with, a large amount of "rotten leaves" are produced every day - rubbish. However, unlike the natural organisms, the city itself cannot digest these waste products. Therefore, the timely removal and transportation of rubbish has a very important weight in maintaining the city's cleanliness. Far from the previous removal of human resources, the current urban sanitation relied mainly on clean-up tools, and the main tool was garbage trucks, of which the most widely used was garbage trucks . Then the following is a simple understanding of the main classification of compressed garbage trucks from the structure.


The first is the traditional compression garbage truck . The general body consists of an operating device, hydraulic equipment, a sealed garbage compartment, and the like. The body is a rear open tail. When the dumping is carried out, the garbage can be removed and transported by the unloading machine. The traditional compressed garbage truck still requires more manual cleaning and transportation processes. Therefore, the compressed garbage that is used as a hanging device is not used now. car.

The second is a side-mounted compression garbage truck. The side-loading garbage truck is now commonly used, and after a scientific and rational design, the single-binned garbage truck is combined with a single compact garbage truck. The principle is to automatically dump the trash into the passenger compartment by automatically moving the bin to lift the bin. At the same time, it uses thrust to push out the rubbish to the back of the car to achieve the ultimate goal of rubbish compression. With good docking performance. The control cabins are lifted in parallel and can interface with various types of compression vehicles on the market. Simultaneously push the trash inside the compartment into the compressor to compress it, avoiding secondary pollution such as transit.

The third is after the compression garbage truck . As the name suggests, it is to add a garbage bucket turning mechanism or a rear hanging barrel turning mechanism after a single compression garbage truck body. The principle of compression differs from that of the aforementioned model, in which the garbage is filled by the rear manual or directly to the bucket, and the garbage is pushed toward the front of the compartment. It is also the rear end of the open car body. The garbage is pushed out of the car by the unloading machine.


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