The current situation of low-end machine tool manufacturing process needs urgent improvement In 2010, China's machine tool trade deficit was only US$8.042 billion, and by 2011, the trade deficit of China's machine tool industry was as high as US$11.39 billion, and the number of imports that grew year by year increased unabated. The increase in the number of imports means that China's machine tool industry is currently a virtual one.

The main reason for this disparity is that, on the one hand, in recent years, the explosive growth in the demand and supply of ordinary machine tools in China has constrained the overall technological level of users, and has also slowed down the overall manufacturing level of the machine tool industry. On the other hand, the lack of independent innovation capability of domestic enterprises can not meet the demand for products with high technical requirements such as heavy-duty machine sheets, which is also a structural problem in China's machine tool products. Li Junhua said.

Qian Zhiqiang, deputy chief of Kunshan Aokesen Machinery Co., Ltd. said. At present, not to mention systems, even domestically produced beds with slightly better quality, high-precision ball screws are used, and bearings are mainly imported from Japan. China's self-produced ball screw has bearing problems in accuracy and life. Domestic major machine tool factories, CNC system 100% purchased.

It is understood that in the machine tool industry, the number of beds is the standard, three-axis and five-axis are medium-to-high-end products, and five-axis or more are high-end products. At present, China's machine tools are mostly low-end products with 3 axes or less.

As for why there are many low-end products in China, Duan Jiaxuan said that China's machine tool manufacturing started relatively late, and shortages of professionals and other shortcomings could not be remedied in a short time. To weaken dependence on imports, we should vigorously introduce and cultivate talents and increase investment in R&D of machine tools is the solution. Whether domestic machine tools can break through the siege of imported machine tools, but also whether China's high-end machine tool manufacturing can reach the world's leading level in the future.

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