What if the gearbox speed sensor is broken?

Reader's question: I recently discovered that my car's transmission speed sensor is broken. What should I do?

Re: There are many ways to damage the components. According to the reason of the fault, the vehicle transmission speed sensor frequently malfunctions. If the quality of the component itself is eliminated, it is recommended to check the signal generator that works with the sensor to completely solve the problem. .

What should I do if I start off?

Reader asks: When you drive in the morning, you will always be able to turn off the fire when you drive. How is this going to happen?

Re: If there is a fault in the neutral oil supply, then this fault should not have much to do with the gearbox. In this case, the fault of the car is whether it is the engine cold state in the morning or whether the throttle and the intake port should be checked. The problem of carbon deposition, I suggest you open to the 4S shop for detailed inspections.

What is the reason for steering wheel jitter during driving?

Reader's question: The steering wheel is always shaking when the car is driving. What is the reason?

Re: The vibration of the steering wheel of the vehicle is mainly related to the wheel dynamic balance. After the wheel is misaligned, it will cause jitter at a certain speed point. This failure phenomenon is mainly related to your previous tire repair. After the tire is repaired, you need to re-apply the wheel. Balance, otherwise it will cause the steering wheel to shake.

It is recommended to rebalance the wheels and solve the problem after balancing. Second, the repaired tires are best placed on the rear wheels, and the two front wheels try not to use the repaired tires.

What is the problem with shifting to frequent failures?

Reader's question: In the near future, there will always be a phenomenon that car steering has failed. What is the problem?

Re: The failure of the steering mechanism is often caused by poor quality or damage to parts of the mechanism, such as mechanical damage, loosening, hairpinning, and failure of the power assist device. The occurrence of such situations generally has no prior signs and processing is difficult. When this happens, the vehicle will often go off the road and should be quickly braked. For a steering mechanism that uses a steering booster, if the assistance fails, apply force to the direction and do not blindly brake to avoid serious consequences. An effective approach to prevention is to constantly inspect and maintain the steering system so that it is always in good condition.

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