Take the terminal, promote perfection, benefit users, win the market, provide users with warm after-sales service, Fast “Quality Service Month” activity is in progress...

Yuxi articles

Fast Service staff visited Sanmenxia, ​​Luoyang, key service stations in Jiaozuo area and vehicle dealers Fast Service Staff Visits Key Service Stations and Vehicle Dealers in West Henan

The mineral resources in the west of Henan Province are rich in resources and close to the coal province of Shanxi, which is an important channel for the north coal and south transport. Heavy trucks have a large amount of resources. Service personnel visited Sanmenxia, ​​Luoyang, key service stations in Jiaozuo area and vehicle dealers, widely publicized the Fast brand, products and services, and further strengthened the cooperation between Fast and service stations.

The service stations and distributors gave unanimous approval to Fast's products and services, and expressed that the “ultra-moving” uniforms issued by Fast were extremely important for upgrading the image and brand of service stations. Fast recognized the service stations as The greatest motivation of the service station, the service station must be wholeheartedly serve.

Hubei articles

Fast service personnel visit Hubei Fast service personnel visit Hubei dealers, service stations and end users

The Wuhan Office actively visited dealers, service stations and end users to enhance Fast's "super touch" service brand, while vigorously promoting new products.

The Wuhan Office visited Enshi Public Transport Group, Wuhan Public Transport Group and Xianning Public Transport Group to listen carefully to the customers' opinions and suggestions on the Fast Bus products. At the same time, it also introduced the new Fast Products in detail; visited Wuhan Jinshunjie Sales and Trading Company. , Hubei Litongda Sales Service Co., Ltd., Huangshi Anluo Sales Service Co., Ltd. and other distributors, detailed understanding of the sales situation of heavy trucks this year, and conducted in-depth exchanges on issues most concerned to users; visit Wuhan Leixin Service Station, Wuhan Fukang Banking Service The station carefully listened to the service station's suggestions on the current service policies and spare parts sales, and accumulated some reference opinions for Fast's follow-up to formulate more market-friendly policies; visited several slag truck companies in Wuhan, and Wuhan currently operates urban slag trucks. More than 6,000 vehicles, Sun Tao, Chairman of Hanyang Dump Truck Co., Ltd. highly praised Fast's products. “The Fast Transmission Company has been used for nearly ten years. At present, there are more than 160 vehicles, all of which match the transmission of Fast, and the failure rate Very low, timely and efficient service; visit Wuhan Avenue Logistics, Xiaogan hazardous chemicals vehicle transportation Hengxin logistics company, promotion AMT automatic transmission, retarder and other products.

The weather in Wuhan in July-September was very hot, but it could not stop the pace of fast and active service visits by Fast service personnel. In particular, when they heard users' praise for Fast's products, their hearts were very excited, Fast. Not only have good products and high quality services, but also many users.

Chuan Yu articles

Fast Visits Sichuan and Chongqing Region Fast service personnel visit key service stations in Sichuan and Chongqing

In order to deeply investigate the market demand, understand the terminal channel voice, and enhance the “super touch” service brand of Fast, August 24-September 1, service personnel provided a large number of core service stations for vehicles in Sichuan and Chongqing. Dealers conduct key visits.

The Chengdu area mainly visited the Chengdu Jiayu and Sichuan Intercontinental Service Stations and requested the service stations to do a good job in providing new service guarantees so that users can truly experience the “ultra-touched” services of Fast. The Intercontinental Service Station serves as the Dongfeng Frontier Repository. During the visit, it has detailed understanding of the current operation and management.

The Sichuan-Tibet line is the area with the largest number of East Windmills. The region mainly visited the Tianquan Jiafeng Service Station and encouraged the local service stations to serve every user with excellent technology; subsequently it visited Hanyuan, Panzhihua Express, etc. The service station and the operation service station are the ones that serve as one of the best transportation services. Since this year, more than 10 N9 series tractors have been equipped with the standard Fast Transmission S. The manager of the company Wang has been very positive about Fast's product performance.

The Chongqing area focused on two service stations in the main city of Chongqing. The Chongqing Zhongqing service station is a hydraulic retarder and AMT transmission core modification and maintenance service station in this area. The Northern New District Yuanshun service station mainly guarantees the on-site services of Hongyan and It is S transmission designated maintenance service station.

Everywhere, service personnel carefully inquired about the operating conditions of the service stations and dealers, local vehicle ownership, and transmission after-sales maintenance in the current situation, and carefully recorded the service station and distributors' sales and service to Fast's current new products. The opinions and suggestions in terms of policies have greatly enhanced the confidence of the terminal channel and perfectly interpreted the service purpose of Fast's “Extra Touching” service.

Jiangsu articles

Fast Service Staff Visits Jiangsu Fast Service staff visited Jiangsu Nanjing Zhengbang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Yuzhong, Hongye, Hengfeng Service Station

High-quality services The monthly visits to the Jiangsu area included Nanjing Zhengbang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Yuzhong, Hongye, and Hengfeng service stations, and they actively promoted the advantages and performance of Fast's AMT automatic transmission and hydraulic retarder.

The company is the largest service station of Shaanxi Auto Group in Xuzhou City. It is the sales dealer of Shaanxi Auto in Xuzhou and it sold 500 units of Shaanxi Heavy Trucks in the first half of the year. Hengfeng is the service station of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck. Hongye is a service station for Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto and a service station for Hang Fat.

In the process of visits, service personnel through on-site exchanges with service station management personnel and maintenance technicians, carefully documented the service station's recommendations on Fast's products and after-sales management, and accessories protection, and understood the sales situation of the entire vehicle market in the area. Introducing the new products launched by Fast in recent years, especially focusing on regional characteristics, focusing on the performance advantages, business support, and service guarantees of related new products. The service stations have expressed that they will unwaveringly do a good job of service and help the Fast brand to further grow bigger and stronger.

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