Today Xiao Bian wants to share with you some dry goods related to gearboxes. The more gearbox gears are, the better the problem has been discussed by major media for a long time. Xiao Bian intends to use this question to discuss with us about the car purchase. When should look and choose the configuration.

Take Toyota's classic 4AT, most people think that this set of 4AT tuning is good, but Xiaobian thinks that Toyota still uses this 4AT is not because of how good the performance. Many people say that 4AT is too backward and the fuel consumption is too high, but have you really tested it? In fact, there is only one real purpose, which is to control costs.


Let's analyze why we chose 4AT.

Common gear

We first analyze the responsibilities of each gear, one block is mainly responsible for starting, the second block is used for low-speed driving (about 20km/h), the third block is responsible for urban road traffic (about 60km/h), and the fourth block is high-speed cruising. (About 90km/h), this makes it clear that we can see that Honda's 5AT front fourth gear is basically the same as the Toyota 4AT, and the extra 5th gear is an overdrive gear, which means that it is prepared for high-speed cruising. It is more fuel efficient than 4AT. Let's look at the 6AT tooth ratio of the home. The ratio of the third gear of 4th gear and 4AT is the same. The biggest difference is that there is one more gear. This one gear is for more torque, in other words, the trim quality of the vehicle. Higher requires more torque to start, and another extra six-speed gear is also used for high-speed cruising.

Vehicle positioning

So it seems very simple, more than nothing more than start and high-speed cruising two gear, but for cars equipped with 4AT, such as Chi Hyun, Vios, Corolla this type of car, start with less than a big torque , And positioning is also a low-cost model of transportation in the urban areas, the demand for high-speed cruising for the group is not much.

Engine matching

In normal urban traffic conditions, the fuel consumption performance of 4AT and 5AT, 6AT is almost indistinguishable. At the same time, the choice of gearbox and the output characteristics of the engine also have a very close relationship. Simply put, the bigger the power of the engine, the more gears it needs to match, because the output range of the power is wider and it needs to be more detailed. Ensure that power is not wasted. On the other hand, each transmission has a different torque limit, the engine has 500N.m power, the transmission can only withstand 300N.m, then it can only play 300N.m power. In contrast, the engine is only 150N.m, even if you install an 8AT does not play a space, but also easy to produce gearbox shift logic chaos.

Cost Control

At this time, there will certainly be people who are eager to do so, so 4AT is better than 6AT? Xiaobian can not say so, 4AT than the 6AT tooth density density, the problem is that the gap between each block is relatively large, that is, we often say that the ride, which is a hard injury, the same tuning skills , 4AT ride comfort certainly can't compare with 5AT, 6AT. However, the biggest advantage of the 4AT is the cost, and the loss of two gears is a big drop in the cost of the gearbox. At the same time, it will not have a significant impact on fuel consumption. A simpler structure can also reduce the cost of late-stage maintenance. The price of the car can be made even lower and more competitive in the market. Obviously, for an economical car, these are more important than the two more gears. Toyota is the world’s largest car company and we must understand it better than us. many.

Re-emphasize, Xiaobian is not to say how good 4AT, nor is it to 4AT name. Xiao Bian hopes that everyone can understand when choosing a car to buy a car. Do not be affected by various selling points of the car company's promotion. Building a car is a comprehensive cost accounting. With any increase of functions, the use of any one accessory will eventually The reaction is at the terminal price. As I said before, it's not that I'm going to have an aluminum alloy suspension. I'm going to have 8AT. The same price you choose will inevitably come back in other places. We should think more about what we need. Configurations and functions are not blindly pursuing those so-called tangible configurations.

In short, whether it is the gearbox, suspension, engine or all other accessories, it is to serve the performance of the vehicle. The only goal is to combine to meet the required performance indicators of the vehicle. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to and discuss any of the accessories. The most important thing is that the product strength of the vehicle can meet the requirements of use. This is the principle of the barrel. The shortest board determines how much water the barrel can hold. The 8AT or 9AT, the suspension is a double wishbone plus aluminum alloy, you can not determine the quality of the entire vehicle through this one, building a car is a comprehensive cost considerations.

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