After buying a car, many owners will receive a call from an insurance broker asking if they want to apply for auto insurance. If they want to apply for auto insurance, they can complete it on the phone. At present, there are many cases of telephone fraud, and many car owners will also suspect the other’s true identity when they receive an insurance broker’s phone call, fearing that they will be defrauded. If oneself is cheated by a criminal, the damage caused cannot be recovered. Therefore, we must understand the reliability of telephone insurance. So is the phone insurance safe?


If it is a sales auto insurance call from a regular company's insurance broker, it is generally reliable. At present, domestic insurance companies have opened telephone insurance business, allowing owners to easily and simply insure, saving time and trouble for insurance companies. However, telephone fraud is also a fact. If the owner is unable to determine whether the phone he has received is genuine, it is recommended that he should not be insured on the phone, and it is more secure to run the insurance company himself.


After several years of development, telephone insurance has reached a very mature stage. There is a unified telephone number and a standardized and unified handling process. It is already a very formal service. Most car owners do not have to worry about phone fraud. Telephone auto insurance is not only simple and convenient, but also the price is relatively cheap, because telephone insurance is mostly sold directly by the insurance company's business personnel, eliminating the costs of agency fees, agency fees, etc., insurance costs will be more favorable, may also be There are discounts.

Is the telephone insurance safe? After the introduction of the article you have a certain understanding of whether the telephone insurance is reliable, reminding phone insurance is a certain risk, but it is also reliable, the key is to see the owner's own judgment. At present, there are many insurance company business locations, and most of their locations are located in convenient locations. It is also simple and convenient for the owner to go directly to the insurance company. The untrusted phone insurance can also be used to ensure good insurance. The owner can even use the network. Insure this simpler method.

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The selection of product development should consider the following factors:
1. The market potential of the product
2. Market competitiveness Comprehensively consider the market capacity, whether the products designed and developed can have a competitive advantage, consider the market's competitive weaknesses, and select products that are conducive to the use of the company's core technological advantages for design and development
3. Consider the material, craftsmanship, convenience, economy and environmental protection of the product developed and designed
4. Distribution capabilities, sales channels, and market service capabilities

5. National policies, laws and regulations, etc.

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