Electric Equipment intends to relocate its Guangzhou DENS (Guangzhou DENSO Co., Ltd.) located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, China. The new site will also be located in Guangzhou and the relocation work is expected to be completed by December 2013.

Denso's relocation of the Guangzhou company was mainly at the request of the Chinese government. The Chinese government plans to redevelop the eastern part of Guangzhou. Denso plans to use this opportunity to relocate the company and expand the new plant to 1.4 times today.

According to Akio Shikamura, senior executive director of Denso Group's thermal management system business, Denso will take this opportunity to relocate the plant and expand the company's capacity in automotive air-conditioning systems, condensers, and radiators to meet the needs of the Chinese market. ."

The construction of the new factory of Guangzhou Denso will start in February next year and will be completed in January 2013. For the relocation of the company and the construction of the new factory, Denso has invested a total of 6.3 billion yen (81 million US dollars).

The Denso Group currently has nine factories in China that produce automotive air-conditioning systems and related components. Denso plans to build a new plant in Changchun, China in December this year to produce automotive air-conditioning systems.

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