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The Ministry of Health and other eight departments jointly issued the "12th Five-Year Plan" for national food safety standards on June 15. It is required to clean up and integrate current food standards; accelerate the formulation and revision of national food safety standards; improve the national food safety standards management mechanism; and strengthen standards publicity and implementation. By 2015, a relatively complete national food safety standard system will be formed.

Due to factors such as the level of food industry development and risk assessment capabilities, there are still some outstanding problems in the current food safety standards. The main problems are: the standard system needs to be further improved; some important standards or important indicators are missing; the scientificity and rationality of the standards need to be improved; Standard publicity training and implementation need to be strengthened.

For this reason, the "plan" proposes to comprehensively clean up and integrate the current food standards. Efforts should be made to clear up the mandatory contents of the existing standards for the safety and quality of edible agricultural products, food hygiene standards, food quality standards, and industry standards, so as to solve problems such as crossover, duplication, and contradictions between standards. By the end of 2013, it will basically complete the clean-up of the mandatory contents of the existing food industry standards and propose clean-up opinions. By the end of 2015, the integration and abolition of related standards will basically be completed.

The "planning" requirements to speed up the formulation and revision of food safety basic standards. In accordance with the working principle of “cleaning up and improving”, we will accelerate the formulation and revision of national food safety standards while cleaning up existing food standards. Focus on contaminants, mycotoxins, and pathogenic microorganisms in foods, such as limits on human health, pesticide and veterinary drug residue limits, use of food additives, use of food fortifiers, prepackaged food labels and nutrition labels, and food packaging materials. Its additives and other food safety basic standards are formulated and revised. Before the end of 2015, revised standards for food contaminants, mycotoxins, residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs, use of food additives, and standards for the use of food fortifiers, formulation of limit criteria for pathogenic microorganisms in foods, and indicative microbial control of food production and operation processes. Requirements, Guide to Microbiological Control of Ready-to-eat Foods, scientifically setting microbiological criteria, limits, and control requirements in food products, and improving standards for food-related products such as food containers, packaging, processing equipment, material standards, and additives for food containers and packaging materials.

Improve the hygiene requirements of the food production and management process. By the end of 2015, more than 20 national food safety standards, including the food hygiene and food additive manufacturing company's health standards, business health standards, and health food good manufacturing practices, have been formulated to form a food safety control standard system for the entire food production and operation process.

The "plan" proposes to set reasonable food product safety standards. Based on the different characteristics of food products and possible risk factors, based on risk assessment, by the end of 2015, formulate and revise meat, alcohol, vegetable oil, condiments, baby food, dairy products, food additives, health foods, and aquatic products. The major food safety standards for food, bean products, beverages, etc., have established international standards or already have imported trade, but China still lacks relevant food safety standards.

“Planning” also establishes and improves standards for food testing methods; improves the national food safety standards management system; strengthens the promotion and implementation of national food safety standards; conducts relevant research on national food safety standards; enhances the ability to participate in international Codex issues, etc. The party proposes Le specific goals and tasks.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan and safeguard measures, the Ministry of Health will jointly establish a mechanism for the negotiation of national standards for food safety with the relevant departments to jointly study major issues concerning the establishment of a national food safety standards system and negotiate the implementation of various national standards for food safety planning. National finance should continue to increase support for the formulation and revision of food safety national standards. The country will also strengthen the building of a talent team for food safety standards.

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