In the early morning of today (January 6th), a three-bedroom brick-concrete structure in the Penglai Town, Daying County, Suining City exploded. The surrounding residents were affected to varying degrees, and a piece of glass about ten meters away from the blast center was shattered.

The owner of the house was an old couple of 80s. In the accident, the old lady was buried in ruins. The civilian police and fire officers who had been heard were rescued by hands and rescued in the hospital and died. The grandfather was injured.

It is reported that the grandfather surnamed Qing, 83-year-old. The old lady surnamed Zhang, 80 years old. The old couple usually lived apart from their children and their children were not far from home. On the evening of the incident, the grandfather lived in a shed outside the house because he wanted to look after the raised chicken. The grandmother lived in the house. After the accident, the children of the elderly all rushed to the scene one after another.

At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

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