Model NO.: JY-350ST
Computerized: Computerized
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008, GMP, QS, UL
Clamping Force: 45t
Trademark: JIEYANG
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: L*W*H: 1.55*0.93*2.45m
Origin: China
HS Code: 8477101090
each size hydraulic small injection moulding machine for handle price

Product Application

Vertical injection machine have the advantage of low noise, low energy consumption,high efficiency and
long life time, it's widely apply to produce various terminal blocks, household appliances, consumer
electronics, power tools, automotive dashboards, medical devices, open containers, connectors, cables,
auto parts, Plug ,etc.


MODEL JY-250ST JY-350ST JY-500ST JY-850ST JY-1000ST
Screw Diameter 30mm 35mm 42mm 48mm 48mm
Max.Shot Weight 74g 106g 176g 227g 260g
Clamping Force 35Tons 45Tons 55Tons 85Tons 120Tons
Opening troke 180mm 200mm 200mm 255mm 300mm
Ejector Force 1.3Tons 1.76Tons 1.76Tons 2.1Tons 4.8Tons
Ejector Stoke 35mm 35mm 35mm 45mm 45mm
Oil Resservoir Capacity  100L 130L 150L  180L 200L 
Pump Motor Power 3.75KW/5.5HP 5.5KW/7.5HP 7.5KW/10HP 11KW/15Hp 14.5KW/22HP
Power 6.3KW 9KW 12KW 16KW 20KW
Machine Weight 1.5Tons 2.4Tons 3.0Tons 5Tons 6.8Tons
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) 1.55x0.93x2.45m 1.7x1.2x3.0m 1.85x1.2x3.0m 2.0x1.3x3.2m 2.0x1.4x4.1m
Shipping Weight 1.8Tons 2.7Tons 3.4Tons 5.4Tons 7.2Tons
Shipping Measurment(LxWxH) 1.76x1.15x2.3m 1.92x1.3x2.3m 2.1x1.4x2.3m 2.2x1.4x2.5m 2.2x1.6x2.8m


Main Features

1) Straight screw ejected assembly.
2) Two(three)-phase temperature, ejected speed, backing pressure and screw speed is suitable for various
plastic to confectioned.
3) Low-die fixed top active mode makes inserted objects excellent positioned features and the machine has
liftout attachment for finished goods.
4) Low-pressure closed die assembly can protect the safety of die.
5) Material tube can be lifted. It is easy to clean stub bar. It is easy to fix die.
6) Can be installed a single mold or double shuttle table.

Details photos:

Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price

Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price


Machine Main Products:

Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price


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Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price

Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price

Each Size Hydraulic Small Injection Moulding Machine for Handle Price


Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A1: Factory we are, all the machine are made by ourselves. Besides, you can get the customize service with your requirements

Q2: What's your warranty for the machine?

A2: One Year Warranty(all the machine parts can be replaced within one year free of charge, not including the manmade broke), life-time maintenance.

Q3: What's your Delivery Time?

A3: Usually it is 3-5 days if the machine is in stock; If not, the delivery time is 10-25 days according to your required quantity and our busy season.

Q4: Where is your factory? How can visit you?

A4: Our factory is next to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We will drive you to our factory by car when you arrive at Dongguan or Changping Railway(Bus) station.

Q5: Why choose Jieyang  Machinery Co., Ltd.?

A5: "Customer Satisfaction, Continual Improvement & Innovative Service" are the driving force for our company to moving forwards. We will devote every efforts to do the best level machine and service.

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