The wheeled excavator is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" on the construction site with its fast walking speed, flexible and rapid transition, and the ability to quickly change a variety of operating devices. It is used in airports, ports, oil fields, mineral deposits, urban and rural construction, Farmland water conservancy, rapid repair and other operations can be widely used. Wheeled excavators can be used for projects such as municipal maintenance projects, drainage pipe laying, traffic construction, and rapid repair and greening. Caterpillar's Cat M315D2 and Cat M317D2 wheeled excavators in China are highly sought after in the Chinese market for their rugged performance and superior reliability. Recently, Caterpillar launched the M320D2 wheeled excavator, and the Cat M315D2 and Cat M317D2 are called the Cat wheel to dig the "Three Musketeers". Designed specifically for the Chinese market and emerging markets, the Cat M320D2 offers outstanding advantages in terms of reliability, productivity and intelligence.


Efficient wheel digging, "smart" wins the world - a wheeled excavator with a mind

Do more and consume less

The Cat M320D2 is powered by a Cat C7.1 engine that meets ECE R96 Stage III emission standards and delivers up to 128.8 kW of maximum net power at 2000 r/min rated speed for superior power, high fuel efficiency and exceptional reliability. The combination of a common rail fuel system and a fuel pump delivers extremely low fuel consumption during operation and travel, which means that the Cat M320D2 can do more work, reduce operating costs and maximize it in the same amount of time. Reduce the impact on the environment. The Cat M320D2 features a one-touch low idle control that reduces engine speed when the unit is not performing any operations, reducing fuel consumption and noise. Pre-set multiple engine power modes to help users achieve the best balance between productivity and fuel efficiency.

Higher, faster and stronger

The Cat M320D2 offers increased reliability with Cat O-face seals, XTTM hoses and cylinders to prevent performance degradation and environmental hazards due to oil leaks. The advanced disc brake system acts directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to prevent planetary gear backlash and minimize the sway effect of the wheel during idling. The gearbox is mounted directly on the rear axle for greater ground clearance and greater passability. The Cat M320D2 legs can be controlled individually, even when the unit is parked on a gentle slope. The boom and the arm are welded box-shaped and have a thick plate structure in the high-stress area, which can cope with the harsh working conditions.

With a maximum speed of 37km/h, the Cat M320D2 can quickly transition between construction sites at a speed of arrogance, allowing users to spend more valuable time on construction. The travel control system of the M320D2 can be activated by a button on the soft switch panel in the cab. The ride control system enables the unit to travel faster in rough terrain and improves the operator's driving experience. The accumulator acts as a damper that absorbs the oscillations caused by the movement of the front end unit. The Cat M320D2 is creatively designed with a dedicated rotary pump that maximizes swing performance without compromising the power of other hydraulic functions, making the combined action smoother and faster. At the same time, it has a heavy lifting mode, which can increase the lifting capacity of the device by 7% to maximize performance.

Driving has never been so enjoyable

The Cat M320D2's seat can be adjusted to the operator's weight to ensure the operator finds the most comfortable sitting position. The cabin is equipped with an automatic temperature control unit and is equipped with a filter ventilation function to ensure operator comfort in all weather conditions. There is a large storage compartment behind the seat that can easily accommodate larger lunch boxes or hard hats. The 12V-7A power outlet in the cab can be used to charge electronic devices and comes with a CD/MP3 radio.

The M320D2 console is designed to be simple, versatile and easy to operate. The common switches are concentrated on the switch console on the right. The high-resolution LCD monitor is in a local language and is easy to read, giving the operator an idea of ​​all the important information. With the "Quick Access" button, the operator can quickly select frequently used functions.

The boss no longer has to worry that I can't dig the ditch.

Cat M320D2 can be equipped with Cat intelligence - including a series of intelligent control and monitoring methods such as Cat intelligence system and slope control system, providing operators, owners, project managers, agents and manufacturers with a digital communication with the device. platform. The slope control system allows a novice to grow quickly, and can also make a good operator evolve into a great operator, each action can be accurately positioned. With Cat Intelligence, users can greatly increase the productivity of their fleet and save a lot of fuel and labor costs.

Wheeled excavators are highly mobile and often require multiple trips to and from the city. The Cat Intelligence system can remotely monitor the equipment and keep abreast of the equipment's working condition and idle status, which helps to improve the efficiency of vehicle scheduling and improve the rental efficiency of the equipment. With a few clicks, users can view detailed device information such as working hours, idle time, fuel usage, diagnostic trouble codes and security alarms via a web-based intelligence application. At the same time, users can use this information to timely understand the faults or hidden dangers of the equipment, prevent problems before they occur, avoid downtime caused by major faults, and ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.

Wheeled excavators do a lot of work, which is particularly demanding on the level of the operator. It must be broken, flat, and fully developed. Sometimes, construction in the city will encounter night repairs, poor construction conditions and time pressure. In this Case, the Cat AccuGradeTM grade control system will be our good helper. With it, the equipment is equivalent to a pair of eyes. Without manual measurement, the control box in the cab can display the depth of the fill and fill in real time. Whether it is leveling the ground or pipe excavation, it can accurately guide the operator to complete the construction task, even if the visual conditions at night are not good, the construction effect can be guaranteed. In addition to the construction accuracy is guaranteed, the most important thing is that it saves users valuable construction time. According to the user feedback, the slope control system can save the user 20% to 30% of the same time, and also saves the fuel consumed in this 20% to 30% of the time.


Efficient wheel digging, "smart" wins the world - a wheeled excavator with a mind

The intelligent security system includes a smart driving alarm and a standard rear view camera. The intelligent driving alarm sounds when the machine starts to move. When the alarm sounds continuously for 10 seconds, the automatic mode stops the alarm; the standard rear view camera can display the large field of view image behind the device in real time on the monitor. In a construction environment with complex environment and dense flow of people, the driver can concentrate on construction.

With Cat Intelligence, users get a powerful excavator and get a smart and capable assistant – you just focus on driving and the rest is handed to Cat Smart. (This article is from Caterpillar)

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