How to prevent electric line fire

1. Conduct a tour of the power lines to find problems in a timely manner.

2. When designing and installing electrical wiring, the insulation strength of wires and cables should not be lower than the rated voltage of the network, and the insulators should also be selected according to

Application of RFID Technology in Agriculture

The RFID system consists of Reader, Tag and Antenna. The electronic tag attached to the surface or inside of the object being identified, when the object is identified into the identification range of the reader, the reader automatically read contactless electronic tag identifica

Teach you how to handle the swing fault

The most common fault problem of the swing gate is that after the power swing, the swing arm rotates back and forth or the gate opens. This is the most common swing fault. The following are solutions to the common swing gate faults presented to the new and old customers who care about and supp