No matter what kind of car there will be big or small scars. How much damage does the flaw cause to the table paint? How can I fix it? All must consider the correct method of disposal. If it is a scar that is not noticeable, the smart way is not to ignore it.
Sprinklers are scratched. The best repair method is to fill in the same coating agent as the car body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice or three times. The more times the coating agent is applied, the cleaner it will be. However, the uniform treatment of the entire body is also very important. If you find a scar, first check the extent of the scar. If it is a very light scratched surface paint, it should be treated with a mixture immediately. The wipe method is a straight line wipe. After the scar disappears, wipe it with a finer mixture and then wax it.
For deeper flaws, the focus is on observing whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust, and you can concentrate on applying the finishing paint. Use the tip of the pen to point it up little by little and wait for the paint to dry completely. Very deep but slender scars that can be well repaired with colored putties. Use sandpaper at the scars. Do not casually enlarge the scars. It is important to remove the dirt. The putty should be carefully applied so that it is completely inside. Finally coat the mixture and wax it to finish the job.
If there is a scar on the sprinkler's insurance, you may want to trim the burr and apply a putty to the pit to make it smooth. Special putty, ready for various colors, choose the closest color. Remember that with the bumper of the body color, painting is very important.
Depression, rust and other repair maintenance tips
Sag treatment is one of the most troublesome tasks in car body maintenance. The important thing is to lay a good foundation. If this step is not done well, the painting will not work well. When painting, do not forget to cover it with newspapers so that the paint does not spread around.
In addition, immediately after the rusting of the sprinkler was discovered, it was immediately resolved. If left unattended, the rust would gradually expand. The method to prevent rust is to wipe off with sandpaper or use a chemical synthetic agent that changes the rust point. According to the situation, use them separately.
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