Before riding a bike to lose weight you have to know

It is the dream of many people to have a beautiful and healthy figure. Especially for women, many people lose weight and fitness for a good figure and put themselves in a state of misery. The result has not yet reached the expected result. There are also many people who hope to lose weight by riding. Then I think you may want to first understand some energy knowledge, such as calories, etc. When your body absorbs less energy than you consume, the word weight loss really comes into play. Effect it.

What calorie is an energy unit? We often associate calories with food. Specifically, 1 calorie of energy or heat can increase the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. 1 calorie equals 4.184 joules (Joules is a commonly used energy unit in physics).

Calories burned by digestion may explain why a 500 calorie cake will make you fatter than a 500 calorie broccoli. The harder it is to digest food, the more energy it needs to burn. Sugars, fats and refined carbohydrates are more easily degraded. Cooked things are easier to digest than raw ones, and processed foods (such as hamburgers) are more difficult to digest than raw steaks. Meat and high-fiber foods consume more energy when digested, but there are fewer calories.

Your Garmin tells you to consume 500 calories and you feel like you should enjoy a large pizza. But in this hour, you consumed nearly 70 calories on the bench, which means you may consume nearly 430 calories on your bike. "People will overestimate the amount of energy they consume," said Stephen Secor, a professor at the University of Alabama. The actual consumption is of course related to factors such as body composition and health level. Keep a conservative estimate of the calories of your food and keep the food as natural as possible.

The number of calories per pound of fat, if you absorb more calories than you burn, will store it as fat. When you sit and read this article, you burn a calorie for a minute. Jump to a bicycle and you will let this number quickly reach eight calories.

After reading these simple terms, have you already planned your weight loss plan?

Excavator Engine Part

Excavator Engine Part System

1. Engine Cooling System

Store Enough Water, Make Circulating Water, Controlling Water Temperature , Lose Excess heat
Composition : From radiator, Water Pump , cylinder body watercourse, cylinder cover watercourse, out Water pipes, thermostats, water filters, medium coolers, oil coolers, and options, It consists of air compressor, hydraulic Oil Cooler , wet exhaust pipe, etc 

 Cummins Engine parts 3076489 Thermosta For Excavators

Cummins Engine Parts 3076489 Thermosta For Excavators

2. Engine Fuel System

   Engine Fuel System Have 2 Kind , One mode is High Pressure Injector System , One model is PT Fuel Injector System . The basic structural form of PT fuel system: it consists of fuel tank, fuel filter, PT fuel pump, low pressure oil pipeline, Fuel injector, rocker arm, push rod, oil injection CAM and return tubing.Among them: PT fuel pump also includes: gear pump, magnetic filter, pulse diaphragm damper, bipolar governor, throttle shaft, electromagnetic valve, etc. Many engines have special requirements for PT pumps, such as increasing the VS (full-course) governor, AFC smoke limiter, EFC electronic governor, ASA air signal attenuator .

   PT(G)--VS--(AFC) Fitting On Bulldozer ,Marine, Trucks Engine

   PT(G)--AFC         Fitting On Bus and Cars Engine

   PT(G)--EFC         Fitting On Generators and Gun-set Engine

High Pressure System Including Fuel Injection Pump , Fuel Injector , Transfer Oil Pump , Fuel Tank , Low Pressure Pipeline , High Pressure Pipeline , Governor . 

PT(G)-VS Fuel Injector Pump For Bulldozer Engines

 PT(G)-VS Fuel Injector Pump For Bulldozer Engines

3. Engine Lubricating System 

Fuctions : It is very important for the reliability and durability of diesel engine to transport the lubricating oil with proper viscosity to all necessary parts .

Reduce wear and tear of parts and reduce friction work .
Cool and clean the lubricating surface .
Anti - rust effect on oil film adsorption .
Provide hydraulic medium .
Constitute : Oil pan, oil pump, oil cooler, Cooling piston nozzle, oil pipeline, pressure regulating valve, full flow oil filter, side, Pass filter and other components composition.

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Excavator Engine Part

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