Throughout the LED industry, the mid-power LEDs have sprung up, and the output value surpassed the high-power LEDs for the first time in 2013. However, the price pressure of LEDs has not decreased without the shortage of packaged chips. According to the observation of the retail price of LED bulbs, the average retail price of global LED bulbs replacing traditional 40W incandescent lamps has dropped by about 20 this year, and the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing traditional 60W incandescent lamps has dropped by more than 25. Look, the market is still in the integration period, and it is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, the global LED bulb average price will still have room to fall. LED industry continues to face price cuts after entering the lighting era. LED factories are competing to develop unpackaged chips. LED manufacturers Philips Lumileds, Toshiba, TSMC solid-state lighting, crystal and round-free unpackaged chip products have been launched one after another. After the ELC (EmbeddedLEDChip) technology and the PFC (Package FreeChip) debut, Philips Lumileds immediately introduced the high-power LED package components based on the ChipScalePackage technology and the first flip-chip based development. LUXEONQ, unpackaged chip technology is undoubtedly a major focus of the industry in 2013. As far as the LED lighting products are concerned, the manufacturing process is divided into Level0 to Level5. Among them, Level0 is the process of epitaxial and chip, while Level1 encapsulates the LED chip, Level2 is the LED on the PCB, and Level3 is the LED module. Level 4 is the lighting source and Level 5 is the lighting system. LED factory unpackaged chip technology more than omitted Level1 development PhilipsLumileds 2013 expansion product line is active, in addition to the layout of low-power product line, also recently announced the launch of high-power LED package components LUXEONQ, this is Philips Lumileds for the first time with flip-chip The high-power LEDs developed by the basic technology are based on the Philips ChipScalePackage technology. Philips Lumileds' latest LUXEONQ uses CSP technology and flip chip technology to achieve high power and high lumen performance. It is understood that Philips Lumileds' previous generation thin-filmflip-chip technology must remove the sapphire substrate in the back-end process, while LUXEONQ uses a new generation Flip-chip technology eliminates the need to remove sapphire substrates in the back-end process. LUXEONQ locking directly replaces the 3535 series products that are already familiar and mature in the market, including patio lights.

Features & Applications:
1. Install a single sliding table on standard injection machine and complete a cycle, lower die slide to the front of operator after mold closed, also product ejected outside, easy and safe.
2. With multi-stage temperature controll system, accurate adjustment of multi-stage injection pressure & injection speed, non-stage adjustment of back injection pressure, suitable for plasticizing of various precise plastic accessories.
3. High L/D ratio, widely applied in industrial engineering plastic productions.
4. Customerized service for auxiliary equipments controlled through computer to achieve automatic production, is available.
5. Double-cylinder injection system, punch powerfully and smoothly.
6. Faults shown on screen automatically, easy trouble clearing and simple maintenance.

Single Slide Table Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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