On February 5th, the reporter learned from Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd. that the company's first large-scaled, world-leading 100,000-ton rubber anti-scorching agent CTP production facility has been built for 25 months. The production of more than 20,000 tons of CTP products, the device fully meets the design capabilities.

According to experts from the National Rubber Auxiliary Engineering Technology Research Center, the project was awarded the first prize of the 2011 Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award by the Shandong Provincial Government and has achieved a series of major innovations, achieving the objectives of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety.

It is understood that for the domestic CTP production companies, "three wastes" treatment technology is not mature, the production process is not perfect and other issues, the company and the National Rubber Additive Engineering Technology Research Center jointly developed a 10,000-ton rubber anti-coke agent CTP industrialization technology . The new catalyst it developed has reduced side reactions, increased the yield of disulfide from 73% to 81%, and developed a one-step new process of condensation and crystallization, optimizing the production process and process conditions, forming a condensation crystallization step The process route has shortened the production cycle by 35% compared with the 5000-ton device, improved the production efficiency, and greatly reduced the consumption of organic solvents. At the same time, the project has developed a variety of new energy-saving technologies. Yanggu Huatai applied the multi-effect evaporation process for the first time in the industry, which solved the problem of difficult treatment of high-salt wastewater from rubber chemicals that plagued the development of the industry. The amount of wastewater per ton of the process is only 6 to 7 tons, which is much lower than the level of 10 to 20 tons of similar enterprises, reducing the load of biochemical treatment, and the recycling rate reaches 95%. Its "multi-effect evaporation crystallization liquid desalination device" has obtained a utility model patent, with good environmental and social benefits. The technology of sodium sulphide recovery from mother liquor solution and mother liquor acidification treatment realizes recycling of the sodium sulfide contained in the wastewater. The solvent gasoline recovery technology developed by the company resulted in the effective recycling of the solvent oil that was volatilized in the production of the rubber anti-caustic agent CTP. In addition, the application of the static elimination process eliminates the static-induced explosion and combustion accidents in the production process and ensures the safety and reliability of the production process.

Experts said that this technology has great advantages in environmental protection, safety, and market, especially for leading the industry towards green and clean development, and further enhances the international competitiveness of China's rubber chemicals industry. It is of great significance for the rubber chemicals industry to develop into green and clean production.

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