With more and more construction waste around the city, it is a headache for municipal constructors. How to deal effectively with the root causes of renewable resources? On the construction site in the eastern suburbs of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, a working mobile building waste treatment crusher gave satisfactory answers. The person in charge introduced that the high-end equipment developed by Zhengzhou Sino-Italian Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has a price of more than 3 million yuan. It is the first high-tech construction waste crusher in the Central Plains region. After processing, the construction waste is selected and crushed. After the processes of crushing, crushing, classification, etc., they can become raw materials for construction, and the recycling rate reaches more than 95%.

Visiting a construction site, you can see on the site that a small pile of concrete waste has accumulated on the construction site. After a digging machine has injected construction waste into the feeding device at the rear end of the crusher, the equipment starts preliminary screening and the small particles are separated. After that, the larger pieces are broken into fine particles, which are transported to the front end screening device by a belt conveyor and sorted according to the particle size classification. The electromagnetic separator separates the steel bars from the concrete in the “separation” of the bones. Separately spit it out of two mouths. According to reports, this crusher is more efficient and can handle 350 tons of construction waste per hour.

According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 construction sites in Zhengzhou, and the area under construction is more than 60 million square meters. The disposal of construction waste on the construction site is currently lacking in standardized operations, especially construction waste in the city center cannot be disposed on the spot, and it is difficult to find landfill sites when transporting waste. The mobile impact crusher introduced this time is suitable for construction sites in the city center. It is not only convenient for transportation, but also can be used for multi-point operation. In addition, the construction waste can be converted into construction materials in situ to realize the recycling of resources.

It is understood that Zhengzhou City will actively promote this construction waste crushing technology on construction sites. The recycled building materials processed by the mobile crusher are widely used. According to the size of the particles, they can be used as wall plastering materials, roadbed backfill materials, building materials such as blocks, and recycled concrete aggregates. One ton of recycled building materials can be made into 0.45 tons of new wall materials, and the remaining 50% can be made into composite materials. After more than 90% of the construction waste has been used, it can save resources. After construction waste becomes a useful building material, dumping and landfilling of construction waste is reduced, and occupation of land resources by construction waste is reduced. The pollution of soil and water from construction waste is avoided, and the environmental protection effect is obvious.

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