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According to information from relevant departments of the Xilingol League in Inner Mongolia, Celanese Corporation is planning to cooperate with Chinese companies to build a 1 million-ton/year coal-based fuel ethanol company in Xilin Gol League in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, which is also followed by the French oil giant Total in Inner Mongolia. After Ordos began to build 1 million tons of coal-to-year olefins, the second chemical giant in the world is about to enter the coal chemical industry in Inner Mongolia.

According to reports, the project was jointly invested by Celanese (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd. The project has a total investment of 9.74 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​1,500 mu. The construction scale is 1 million tons/year of fuel. Ethanol (environmentally friendly gasoline), intermediate products and by-products include coal tar, medium oil, crude phenol, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, sulfur, naphtha, etc.

It is understood that the main technology and equipment of the project will use Celanese's newly developed technology to produce ethanol using basic hydrocarbons as raw materials. This core technology has been applied for 17 years. It has applied for more than 700 patents in the world and has already been put into operation in foreign countries. At present, Celanese Nanjing's annual output of 300,000 tons using this technology has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and its conversion rate, environmental protection and economic benefits are good.

According to relevant sources, the project is located in the Dahekou Industrial Park in Duolun County, Xilin Gol League. After completion, the project will pass through the Duolun-Fengning-Caofeidian railway line to the port of Sinotrans. At present, Inner Mongolia is working with investors to further assess the actual water consumption, pollutant emissions, and other environmental protection indicators of the project.

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