Recently, Daqing Customs signed the “Agreement on the Establishment of Inspection and Quarantine Mechanism by the Customs and Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Northeast China and Inner Mongolia” on December 10, and will serve one of the key projects of Heilongjiang Province’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, “Daqing Volvo As an important measure to implement the "Agreement", the vehicle manufacturing project starts with optimizing the customs supervision of imported auto parts, establishes a partnership between the enterprises, and continuously contributes to the development of the project.

Imported automobile complete sets of customs clearance, customs clearance business regulations are wide, complicated procedures, involving declarations, trade control and other services, in order to achieve regional integration of customs clearance, allowing enterprises to enjoy efficient and convenient customs clearance services, Daqing Customs from the business department The backbone members formed a research group to conduct a special discussion on the customs clearance of Volvo's imported auto parts. According to the "Promoting the uniform construction of regional customs enforcement" agreed in the annex to the "Agreement", "Reputable enterprises enjoy the customs clearance measures and preferential policies in the region", and "promoting the integration of regional customs clearance" formed the "Daqing Customs on the Northeast The Report on Issues Related to Customs Clearance Work in the Collaborative Zone has laid a solid foundation for the smooth customs clearance of auto parts and accessories in the future.

At the same time, imported auto parts are characterized by strong technical and high professionalism, and are the key and difficult commodities classified by the customs. Similar to Volvo's high-end brand cars, the development plan of auto companies is all aimed at introducing the world's most advanced technology and the latest models. This also poses greater challenges for customs classification and cannot be accurately classified. Effective supervision will not be discussed. In 2012, the World Customs Organization carried out the sixth revision of the Harmonized System. Daqing Customs used this as an entry point to set up a working group for auto parts classification for the classification of auto parts, using nearly two months. Serious work, combined with the previous classification data of the auto parts of the Brothers Customs, carefully classified the more than 5,000 tax numbers of the six parts of the auto parts, and implemented dynamic management and real-time adjustment.

In order to meet the "customer" clear and vague business needs of the extended service, and to ensure that there is demand and must respond, Daqing Customs actively implements the "big customer coordinator system", relying on the system, designate a business key personnel as the key enterprise The liaison officer provides a number of services for the company, including regular services such as policy consultation, business training and job guidance, as well as timely expansion based on the information available. On the one hand, the company decided to intervene in advance when it decided to stay in Daqing, and through the study of relevant laws, regulations and regulations, combined with the WTO's decision on the implementation of high-rate ruling on China's auto parts import, analyze China's cancellation of vehicle identification policy. As for the impact on the import of complete sets of parts, it is concluded that if the sets of parts are not imported at the same time and under the same bill of lading, they should be declared according to the actual state of the import. On the other hand, while summing up the work experience of Changchun Customs, Daqing Customs put forward 11 suggestions for Daqing Customs and Volvo Company to realize intelligent logistics, implement efficiency check and establish cooperation mechanism, which will lay a solid foundation for future supervision work.

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