“Sales volume” is the key word for sales of SAIC Iveco Hongyan (hereinafter referred to as Yiyinhong) in 2013. And 30,000 vehicles are the specific sales targets set by Shang Yihong for 2013. This goal, compared to sales of 17,000 vehicles in 2012, increased by 70%.

In 2012, the overall heavy truck market declined by nearly 30%, and the drop in the dump truck market that Yiyin is good at is even closer to 40%. In a dismal environment, Shang Yihong sold only 17,000 vehicles so far this year, down 46% year-on-year. However, according to Cao Zongqiang, general manager of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Sales Division, Shang Yihong had 17,000 inventories in 2012, but the actual sales volume was 19,000; in 2011, the invoice volume was 31,500, but the actual sales volume It is 27,729 vehicles. According to the actual sales volume, the sales volume of Shanghai Yihong in 2012 decreased by 30% year-on-year, basically equal to the industry.

Cao Zongqiang said that based on recent economic data and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, Shang Yihong judged that the heavy truck market may grow at about 8% next year, with a total volume of about 700,000 vehicles. Specifically, the number of tractors will reach 215,000, an increase of 13%; the number of trucks (including special vehicles) will be 240,000, an increase of 7%, and the number of dump trucks will be 245,000, an increase of 10%. Among the sales targets of Shanghai Yihong's 30,000 vehicles, 3500 are planned to be sold on road vehicles, 19,000 on construction vehicles, 4,900 on exports, and 2,600 on specialized vehicles and large customers.

As for the plan to achieve such a high growth rate next year, Xiong Weiming, general manager of SAIC Iveco Hongyan, said that the sales of 30,000 vehicles were achieved in both 2010 and 2011. Therefore, it is not unrealistic to set this sales target in 2013. In addition, the seven major reforms and five key tasks that Shang Yiyi will continue to implement next year, especially in 2012, will lay a solid foundation for 2013 sales growth.

In addition, a careful analysis of the sales volume of Shang Yihong in the segment market in 2012 will reveal that the sharp decline in sales volume of Lao Jingang is the main reason for the decline in sales volume of Shang Yihong. In 2011, the sales volume of Lao Kong was 23,892, which was sharply reduced to 3,800 in 2012. In contrast, the sales volume of New King Kong has increased from 235 to 7,500. The two offset each other, and the total sales still fell by more than 10,000 vehicles. In 2013, Shang Yihong positioned Lao Jingang as a product of low quality and price, while New King Kong was positioned as the main force of dump trucks.

On the same day, Shang Yihong also released the Jieshi LNG new vehicle and the Jingang ore pavilion tailor-made for large-scale mine transportation, and announced that: Jieshi LNG 6x4 high-top tractor 381,800 yuan, Jingang ore 6x4 dump truck 56.59 Ten thousand yuan.

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