First, how to choose wallpaper

Select material

The substrates used in wallpapers on the market today are mainly paper, plastic, natural fibers, glass fibers, metals and fabrics. In the home decoration, try not to use plastic surface wallpaper, because the environmental performance of plastic surface wallpaper is worse, and the permeability of rubber surface wallpaper is poor, after affixed to the wall, easy to edge and yellow, affecting the appearance of the room.

Look at the effect

On the whole, good wallpaper looks natural, comfortable and three-dimensional. Observed from the details, whether the pattern is exquisite and has a sense of layering, whether the tone transition is natural, the accuracy of the flower is inaccurate, whether there is a problem of color aberration, deadfold, and air bubbles.

Touch texture

Touch the wallpaper with your hand and feel the wallpaper texture. The key point is to touch the part of the pattern to see if the pattern is even and then compare the thickness of the entire wallpaper.

Wipe the surface

The stain resistance of the wallpaper is also a factor to be considered when purchasing, so when picking, you can use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the paper a little harder. If it is discolored or delaminated, the quality is not good.

Smell smell

Smell the sample if there is obvious chemical smell, if the smell is heavier, it may be higher content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride monomer.

Second, wallpaper types:

1 paper-based wallpaper

Is the earliest development of wallpaper. The paper surface can be printed with patterns or embossed or fabrics, and the substrate has good air permeability, so that the water in the base layer of the wall can be distributed to the outside without causing discoloration or bulging. This kind of wallpaper is cheaper, but its performance is poor, it is not water resistant, it cannot be cleaned, it is not easy to construct, and it is easy to break.

2, paper-based plastic wallpaper

That is, plastic wallpaper is currently the most rapidly developing and most widely used wallpaper, accounting for about 80% of the production of wallpaper. In developed countries, it has reached a per capita consumption of more than 10 square meters. Plastic wallpaper is made of a base paper with certain properties, which is produced by coating, printing and other processes.

3, textile wallpaper

Is made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers, texture, good air permeability, but expensive. The use of this kind of wallpaper to decorate the environment gives people an elegant, soft and comfortable feeling, but the surface is prone to dust, difficult to clean, and must be equipped with dust-cleaning equipment. This wallpaper is more popular nowadays. It is also called wall cloth. This price will be higher, monochrome will be a better choice, with a sense of quality not so good!

4, natural material wallpaper

It is made of grass, hemp, wood, leaves, and straw mats. It is also made from precious wood species cut into algae slices. It is characterized by a simple, natural and rich atmosphere. Under the current trend of returning to nature, it is very It is popular with people. Suitable for rustic style decoration.

5, metal wallpaper

It is a kind of wallpaper made by coating metal film on the base layer. The lines formed by this kind of wallpaper are exceptionally spectacular, giving people a feeling of magnificent and generous, strong resistance and good resistance. They are used in places with warm atmosphere, such as hotels and restaurants. .

6, landscape wallpaper

It is a photo enlargement of a landscape or oil painting or a picture. It can be used instead of other wallpapers to post on the wall. Landscape wallpaper is thicker than ordinary wallpaper, and the shop drilling process is the same.

7, simulation series wallpaper

Based on plastics as raw materials and using technical methods to imitate patterns and textures of bricks, stone, bamboo woven materials, porcelain and wood, and processed into various decorative wallpapers. Can be used locally.

You can choose according to your own needs.

At present, most of the Chinese market is South Korea and the United States, France, Germany; South Korea wallpaper is generally based on pvc material, Europe and the United States wallpaper is generally pure pulp; 1 volume is 5.2 square.

Generally choose pvc wallpaper on it, in addition to small flowers and patterns more wallpaper will be much larger than the loss of monochrome wallpaper, so depending on your own requirements to choose wallpaper style. However, wallpaper glue must use good glue, which involves environmental issues.

Third, the wallpaper requirements of each room:

living room

The general living room is the owner's main activity space, should use bright and generous colors, the material should use high-grade wallpaper. First of all, consider environmental protection and good air permeability; the second choice: resistance to pull, scrub resistance is better.


Generally, warm colors or wallpapers with flowers or patterns are selected to create a warm and comfortable feeling.

Second bedroom

If you live mainly by the elderly, you should choose some color wallpapers that can make people more quiet and calm, and you can also choose some wallpapers based on the preferences of the elderly.

Children's Room Wallpaper

Generally choose brightly colored wallpaper, decorated with a cartoon waistline, or use the top with a cartoon pattern, the bottom of the plain or plain wallpaper, to create a happy and clean effect.

Fourth, color matching:

The overall color match: Choose the same color wallpaper, different types of flowers posted in different rooms.

Differentiating and matching functions: According to different locations, choose different color combinations.

General with attention: color should be unified, not easy to use in the living environment contrast, cold, warm colors used at the same time the wallpaper.

The harmony of nature and the detached party are the highest realms of wallpaper decoration. If there is a guest praising “Your home’s wallpaper is beautiful,” be careful. Because the wallpaper contains vivid features such as colors, patterns, textures, etc., it should not be too prominent. After all, it is only a background. The phrase “Your family's wallpaper is really beautiful” may indicate that the wallpaper is incompatible with the environment and does not melt. Therefore, the overall unified design is particularly important.

When deciding the style of the wallpaper, consideration should be given to the synchronized design of floor materials, furniture, ornaments and lights. In addition to the size and other special effects, in general, the more pure the wallpaper is, the more elegant the pattern is, and the longer the paving effect is. At the same time, the more classic it is, the less visual fatigue it produces.


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