For a long time, metal ore underground mining are controversial, to say the mining costs are too high, after long-term practical experience shows that labor productivity and the cost of the metal ore mining underground mining is relative, relatively open pit production levels, not only with the more High mining value, and can reduce the occupied area of ​​the mine. Therefore, the following is a summary of some typical problems in the underground mining of metal ore, and the methods to improve its mining efficiency are summarized [1].
1 Common problems in underground mining of metal mines
1.1 Overall ventilation and local ventilation of mines Under normal circumstances, underground mining of metal mines rarely has gas and other flammable gases, which makes many gold mining and mining units ignore the mechanical ventilation of underground mines.
In recent years, relevant departments in China have raised the importance of mechanical ventilation and made relevant regulations. However, after investigation, it was found that the relevant regulations on mechanical ventilation have not been implemented, and for mechanical ventilation. Specific issues can be roughly started from several aspects.
(1) Some units do not monitor the performance of ventilation. Mechanical ventilation generally has ventilation facilities such as main fans and local fans, but the air volume is not properly allocated and adjusted.
(2) Lack of more advanced ventilation facilities. In actual work, more effective ventilation auxiliary facilities are windshield and dampers, and many metal mines are not equipped with these basic ventilation facilities, resulting in short-circuit steady flow in downhole airflow. The situation, especially the abandoned roadway has not been closed in time, resulting in air leakage in the roadway, and also seriously reduced the efficiency of ventilation. It is worth noting that if a fire occurs underground, the role of the anti-wind work of the entire mine will be highlighted.
(3) Many units lack effective ventilation systems. As far as the current situation is concerned, many metal mines in China do not have perfect ventilation systems. The whole negative pressure mechanical ventilation system makes it easy for circulating wind, short-circuit wind and series connection. wind.
(4) Some units neglect the work of local ventilation. In the actual mining of underground metal mines, many units neglect the setting of some local ventilators, which leads to the inability to achieve continuous supply of air in the mine. The sewage on the boring surface can only be used when drilling. The high-pressure wind is discharged, which not only seriously affects the safety of the workers, but also makes the efficiency of the excavation seriously reduced [2].
1.2 Downhole drainage and permeable prevention work In the mining process, underground drainage should first consider the underground water inrush and permeable prevention work. There are two main reasons for the permeable problem:

(1) Many mineral enterprises do not conduct hydrological geological surveys on the mines to be mined in the early stage of mining, which will cause blind mining and increase the probability of safety accidents.
(2) The principle of exploration and excavation is not followed when mining the mine. In the process of mining, there is no attention to the mining situation, which will make the old goaf and new mining connect, which will directly lead to the problem of water seepage. appear. Secondly, it should consider the treatment of the discharged water in the underground operation, and do the corresponding measures to ensure the drainage of the working place is smooth. If the drainage facilities of the mining operation site are not perfect, it is easy to form the working area water, which not only affects the personal safety of the operators, but also seriously affects the operation efficiency.
1.3 Gob area management and treatment work The lack of position in the management of the goaf will cause the collapse phenomenon, which poses a safety hazard for the mining of the entire mine, and continues to be carried out in the mining process of the entire metal mine. The goaf is gradually increasing, the ground pressure changes obviously, and the surface has a large probability of collapse. This will not only affect the personal safety of the staff, but also cause serious damage to the surface environment. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to conduct a practical study on the mining area to be mined in the early stage of mining, detailed analysis and investigation, to understand the composition and production of the underground rock formation and ore body, and to develop a reasonable mining plan. Secondly, when using the empty field method for mining, it is necessary to monitor the underground space in real time, draw a map of the empty area, and perform detailed data statistics on the empty area. When designing the mining plan, it is necessary to propose a treatment plan for the empty area that needs to be treated, and to do the measures in advance. It is also necessary to carry out targeted management of the mined areas of underground mining mines according to the mining specifications of the design specifications to prevent improper management of the goaf and cause potential safety hazards.
2 Measures to improve the underground mining efficiency of metal mines

As a non-renewable resource, it is mainly used in industrial production and is an important resource of the country. Therefore, it pays special attention to its mining and production. The mining methods for metal mines are various, but the most important ones are underground mining. However, although underground mining is the most important, it is the most complicated environment, and there are many unpredictable problems. As the main mining method, the underground mining is affected by its underground environment. The safety issue is more important. To improve the underground mining efficiency, it is necessary to ensure its safety. To solve the safety hazard problem, the mining efficiency can be greatly improved. Underground mining ensures that minerals are well stored and can be less affected by external factors.
2.1 Implement mining safety strategy to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents Once a safety accident occurs, it will directly lead to the termination of mining work, which will cause serious damage to some sections. To re-exploit, it requires a lot of time to repair [3]. Therefore, in the underground mining process of metal ore, in order to achieve high efficiency of mining, it is necessary to make safety protection measures before mining. First of all, regular inspections should be carried out on the mine shaft. For wells in the rock movement range, it is necessary to take effective measures to deal with them. For pillars in underground mining mines, they should be checked at intervals. For pillars with safety standards, relevant technologies are required to continue maintenance. If there is a problem that is difficult to handle, issue an order to stop production.
2.2 Application of Information Technology and Construction of Digital Mines In order to achieve efficient completion of underground mining, it is necessary to introduce new technologies and new equipment, so as to improve the overall mining efficiency, which can be carried out in two aspects, namely:
(1) Mining with new equipment; traditional old mining equipment not only has low efficiency of mining, but also has poor mining effect and poor quality. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of mining, new equipment must be used for work.
(2) Using computer remote technology to control the entire underground mining equipment; using remote control means, the underground mining efficiency can be greatly improved, and the entire mining position can be more precise, so that remote detection can be used scientifically. Accurate positioning of the mineral deposits, and do a preliminary survey for the later mining.
Third, strengthen the digital construction of auxiliary facilities within the entire mining area. For example, drainage, ventilation, supply and upgrade of downhole high-voltage electricity and high-pressure wind, etc., digitally transform it, real-time equipment adjustment according to downhole operating conditions, and minimize the adverse effects of human factors on the use of underground auxiliary equipment. Increase mining efficiency.
2.3 Reasonable connection of underground engineering The construction of underground engineering and the reasonable connection of mining mining area are the key to ensure the continuity and stability of underground mining. The underground excavation engineering must ensure that it is difficult to combine and ensure the efficiency of excavation. In the mining aspect, the basic principle of “two outs and one preparation” should be guaranteed, that is, the two mining areas adjust the ore and grade, and one mining area serves as emergency mining.
2.4 Advanced transmission facilities In the underground mining of metal ore, the efficiency of mineral transportation facilities directly affects the efficiency of mining. The previous mining and transportation processes were completed by manual operations. These two links are prone to conflicts and seriously affect the overall work efficiency. Once the transportation is not smooth, the minerals are easy to accumulate and the next mining is difficult. because. In the underground mining of metal mines, high-tech transportation facilities are required. Mining and transportation are the two most important projects in mining. After the minerals are mined, the biggest problem is transportation. The company can use the transmission track to transport the metal minerals, thus ensuring the transportation effect, so that the mineral mining can be carried out in a normal and orderly manner.
3 Summary The underground mining of metal ore should start from several directions, such as safety, automation and reasonable engineering arrangement, and introduce advanced mining concepts and mining equipment to ensure the smooth progress of mining projects, which will certainly improve the efficiency of underground mining of metal mines.

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