Accumulator lock-type liquid-controlled ball valve is mainly used in large and medium hydropower stations. Installed in front of the turbine, used as a turbine inlet valve. The upstream is connected with the pressure steel pipe and the downstream is connected with the volute inlet pipe. On the one hand when the turbine or generator to be overhaul; through the valve cut off the flow of water in the pipeline for safe overhaul. On the other hand, when an abnormal situation occurs in the turbine or the generator, the water flow can be cut off quickly and effectively to prevent the accident from occurring.

Truss Manipulator, also known as gantry robots, belong to rectangular coordinate robots. It can realize automatic control, space-based XYZ rectangular coordinate system, repeatable programming, multi-degree-of-freedom, right-angular movement between each other, multi-functional, multi-purpose robots. It can carry objects and operating tools to complete various operations.

Truss Manipulator

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