The machinery industry is the starting point of the industrial revolution and the commanding height of national competitiveness. “The development of the machinery industry has a bearing on the development of various sectors of the national economy and relates to the national economy, people’s livelihood, and national defense forces. It is the cornerstone of the national economy.” On October 12-13, the national machinery industry transformation and upgrading promotion conference was held in Nanan City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Deputy Minister Xin Guobin attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
The National Machinery Industry Transformation and Upgrading Promotion Conference is sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Federation. The conference focused on implementing the "Guangdong Manufacturing 2025", the State Council's "Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Structure, Promoting the Transformation, and Increasing the Efficiency of the Machinery Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "National Office No. 55 Document") and the industry's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" development program, and summing up the work. Exchange experiences, analyze situations, define tasks, deepen transformation and upgrading, and accelerate the realization of the mechanical industry from big to strong.
Promote the transformation of the industry from quantitative expansion to quality improvement
In his speech, Deputy Minister Xin Guobin introduced China's current industrial economic situation and related policies of the State and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the development of the real economy and equipment manufacturing industry, and fully affirmed the achievements of the machinery industry and China National Machines Association in promoting transformation and upgrading. The work puts forward hopes and suggestions.
Xin Guobin pointed out that in recent years, China’s machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, transformation and upgrading, and the scale of its industries has continued to expand. In 2016, it achieved a main business income of 24.55 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the global total; the industrial structure was continuously optimized, and machinery The self-sufficiency rate of products in the domestic market has exceeded 85%; the industrial foundation has been continuously consolidated; key materials, core components and components have made important progress; technological innovation capability has been continuously enhanced; high-end equipment such as large-scale power generation and UHV power transmission and transformation has achieved remarkable results; With continuous improvement, the average sampling qualification rate of products exceeds 90%; corporate quality continues to improve, management levels such as R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales services are significantly improved; international competitiveness continues to increase; and exports of major technology equipment such as high-speed rail and power equipment continue to expand. . However, on the whole, China’s machinery industry still faces problems such as the inability of key equipment to fully self-contain, the imperfect innovation system, and the homogenization of traditional products.
Xin Guobin stressed that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms are gestating and emerging. The development of the machinery industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. It is necessary to actively explore new methods, new models, and new approaches to maintain and enhance the market position of China's machinery industry. It is necessary to fully implement the instruction spirit of the General Secretary of the Internship Jinping on revitalizing the manufacturing industry, follow the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, and follow the strategic deployment of “Made in China 2025” to promote the strategy of the machinery industry from quantity expansion to quality improvement. Sex change. First, adhere to innovation to drive development, vigorously build manufacturing innovation centers, strengthen key areas of research, breakthrough a number of key technology and equipment, explore and develop emerging industries, and lead the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry. Second, adhere to the coordinated development of integration, promote the accelerated integration of the machinery industry and the Internet, strengthen the cooperation of the upstream and downstream industry chains, strengthen the synergy between the supply side and the demand side, promote the regional coordination layout, and promote industrial progress with points, face, and system. Third, adhere to green and low-carbon development, strengthen energy conservation and consumption reduction, promote comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries, and promote the integration of industrial civilization and ecological civilization. Fourth, persist in opening up and cooperation, benchmarking international advanced technology, improving product quality, continuing to promote “going global” and improving the international reputation of “Made in China”. Fifth, adhere to shared development, promote reform and innovation to benefit Huimin, further deepen the reform of “distribution”, protect the initiative of market players, encourage the spirit of craftsmen, and upgrade the social status of high-skilled personnel.
There is still a big gap between the goals of manufacturing strong countries
Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machine Vision, gave a keynote speech entitled "Reform, Innovation, Quality Upgrading, and Unremitting Efforts to Achieve the Great and Strong Mechanical Industry", and summed up the implementation of the machinery industry since the 13th Five-Year Plan. The main work carried out in the "Made in China 2025", State Council Document No. 55 and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" has achieved positive results. He pointed out that since the start of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has achieved steady economic growth in the industry, continuous enhancement of scientific and technological innovation capabilities, smooth progress in optimizing industrial structure, steadily accelerating “stepping out”, and a substantial increase in quality brand power. The achievements of the promotion and work system were initially formed. However, compared with industrialized countries, there is still a large gap between the goals of manufacturing powerful countries, mainly large and not strong.
Wang Ruixiang pointed out that an important sign of achieving transformation and upgrading is that the industrial structure has been optimized, the industrial layout has become more rational, and the industrial development has become more orderly. We must resolve to promote the withdrawal of excess production capacity and backward production capacity and promote the withdrawal of “zombie enterprises” by promoting mergers and acquisitions, eliminating lagging aging standards, and strengthening industry self-regulation. It is necessary to strengthen guidance and guidance for the development of machinery industry, regional economy, and industrial clusters, promote scientific and rational planning, implement orderly and orderly implementation, and coordinate balanced development. It is necessary to vigorously promote the deep integration between the two industries and the “manufacturing + Internet” model innovation, promote the innovation of technology, design, technology, management, and business model, promote the popularization and application of typical cases such as digital workshops and smart factories, and promote enterprise automation and intelligence. The level of promotion has increased and high-end supply has continued to increase.
It is necessary to accelerate the development of modern manufacturing service industry, support leading enterprises, expand typical propaganda, and do a good job of consulting services so as to bring more enterprises into action and optimize and enhance the value chain of the industrial chain of enterprises. We must support the development of emerging industries such as robots, strengthen policy guidance, do a good job in basic work such as standard formulation and data statistics, strive to create a standardized market environment, and accelerate the development of new kinetic energy. We must fully rely on the "Belt and Road" and other favorable policies, organize and participate in the revision of international standardization, and provide assistance for enterprises in carrying out international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation.
Wang Ruixiang emphasized that at present, China has entered a stage of complete success in building a well-to-do society, and the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has reached a period of fierce battles. The mission is on the shoulder and it is a long way to go. We must strengthen our confidence and make progress in order to promote the upgrading of the machinery industry and make new contributions from the big changes to the early realization.
Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machine Co., Ltd. gave a special report on "2017 Machinery Industry Economic Operational Situation" at the meeting. During the conference, a seminar on the work of the Ministry of Industry (autonomous regions, municipalities) and industry associations was held in 2017, and the “Report on Implementing the Strategy of Strengthening the Nation by the Machinery Industry to Promote Transformation and Upgrade” was issued. The delegates visited Jiatai CNC, successful machine tools, Chenghui International, Delin Machinery and other related companies in Fujian Quanzhou.

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Vacuum forming machine features
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(2)The control board is near the operator, can be operated easily, greatly improve the efficiency of production.
(3)The far-infrared ceramic heating elements can control every single block heater temperature, more power-saving features, and                reducing production cost.
(4)The furnace is guided automatically, mould plate can be adjusted so can be placed different size of mould.
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Vacuum Forming Machine

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