The root system of plants is not only an important part of the fixed plant body, absorbing and transporting water, mineral nutrients and organic matter, and storing and synthesizing organic matter, but also the activity of the root system will affect the physicochemical properties of the soil. Therefore, the importance of plant roots for plants and agriculture It is very obvious, and research on the morphology of plant roots is of great significance for the development of modern agriculture. Modern use of the root analyzer to take pictures of the roots of the plant roots, the use of computer vision image processing technology, the image segmentation threshold extraction and edge extraction, can be more complete extraction of plant root information and data. The root analyzer is also one of the most important scientific analytical instruments for conducting root research in modern agricultural research.

Root analyzer

The use of a root analyzer to analyze the characteristics of a plant's root system is mainly divided into two steps. The first is image acquisition, that is, taking pictures of the plant root system. In this work, in order to highlight the morphological characteristics of the plant root system, it is necessary to adopt The background board is used to avoid background interference, and secondly, the root system of the plant is tiled on the background board so as to ensure the clarity of the collected images and the important morphological characteristics of the plant root system can be photographed.

The second is image processing. This process is mainly performed after the image acquisition is completed by using the plant root morphology image processing software. The image processing is divided into three parts, decibel is image preprocessing, morphology edge extraction and feature extraction. Here the focus is on feature extraction. Using a root analyzer to extract plant root characteristics, the length of the plant root system can be analyzed, including the total root length, average root diameter, total root area, total root volume, root tip count, and number of bifurcations. , Crossing number, root diameter grade, etc. These root feature data extracted by software can provide important scientific basis for root research. Users who have a need for root analysis can consult the sales staff of Topsun for detailed data on the functions, characteristics, parameters, and prices of the root analyzer.

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Veneer Dryer

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