With the continuous development of society, the development of China's mining industry has entered a new stage, the size of the underground metal mining industry is also increasing, with the attendant, also increasing its mining efforts, however, it also gives metal mining stage Brought a new problem.

In order to solve the technical problems of underground mining of metal mines, the application of continuous mining technology in its mining should be strengthened. This process can effectively improve the mining environment under the metal mine and can mine the mining efficiency to a certain extent. It is improved so that it can be effectively managed and controlled when the staff is engaged in deep mining. In addition, the cost of mining can be continuously reduced, and the economic benefits brought by the mining process can be further improved to some extent. In fact, the application of continuous mining technology in the underground mining of metal mines can bring about many effects, and has been paid attention to at home and abroad [1].
1 Analysis of the situation of underground mining of metal ore
The so-called mining is the process of mining the ore body under the influence of three technologies: mining, cutting and mining. As far as the current mining methods are concerned, they can be divided into two forms, namely, above-ground mining and underground mining. At present, with the continuous development of China's mineral industry, the mining of underground metal mining is increasing day by day. In underground mining, the mechanization of underground mining methods has also been realized, and the automation in the mining process is becoming more and more obvious. Underground continuous mining technology is by far the most advanced mining technology for underground mining. Underground continuous mining can also be divided into two forms. One is for ore bodies with relatively small hardness. During the mining process, each process can be continuously paralleled and then constructed. The second is for the ore body with relatively high hardness. In the mining process, it can be divided into several stages, which are summarized in each construction section, and each process is continuously and parallelly constructed. This requires the staff to strengthen the various processes when mining. Coordination between. As far as the development of foreign underground mining equipment is concerned, it has the characteristics of complete series, complete completeness and relatively high level of mechanization. In the process of rock drilling, charging and transportation, the mechanized operation is carried out to the utmost. In each step, No manual operation is required, no complicated manual labor, and the level of equipment derailment, hydraulicization and automation is realized. Underground trackless mining technology has a dominant position in the international arena. In the development of foreign underground mining technology, derailment and hydraulicization have been successfully achieved. In mechanical automation, unmanned driving and robotic operations are the main [2].
2 Prospects for continuous mining technology of underground metal mines in China
2.1 High efficiency mining
At present, the continuous mining technology of underground metal mines in China has developed rapidly. Especially after the mining equipment has been derailed and hydraulicized, it has been developing in the direction of large-scale and intelligent, which has made China's mining efficiency better. Earth improvement. However, in order to further realize China's high-efficiency mining work, it is necessary to start from the mining cost, which means that China's underground metal mining technology needs reduced mining costs, in order to increase mine output and promote the improvement of mining safety environment and production conditions. We must also use modern technical equipment to achieve the mechanization, automation and intelligent level of continuous mining technology. After analyzing the mining practice results, updating the mining equipment can increase the ore production to a greater extent and improve the quality of the mined ore. For example, some metal mines cite advanced automated mining equipment, which has led to a significant increase in the efficiency of mining, and to some extent reduced the cost of mining, which in turn led to the development of an intelligent mining system. In addition, with the continuous updating and development of China's underground metal mine continuous mining technology, the scale of large-scale and centralized production will gradually become a reality. For the relevant staff of metal mines, we know that automation and information technology is an important method to change the mining industry. Our employees are also actively learning and learning from foreign advanced technology and production experience, and gradually realize the large underground metal mines. The large-scale production of large-scale underground mining methods has the advantages of high sensitivity and high ore recovery rate, which has led to an unprecedented increase in the mining efficiency and quality of metal mines.

2.2 Continuous and non-waste mining
In recent years, the scale of mining of underground metal mines has gradually expanded, the depth of mining has gradually increased, and the technical problems of mining have become increasingly obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the continuous and non-waste mining technology of mining to overcome the problem of mining. For the continuous production of mine production and the modern management form, continuous and non-waste mining can be realized from four levels, that is, continuous mining from the mine, continuous mining of ore bodies (mineral deposits), continuous ore transportation, The continuous process of the whole process is implemented in four levels [3].
The use of continuous underground mining technology is mainly based on the current blasting technology, and the blasting technology is the focus of research at the time of continuous mining at home and abroad. In the current development stage of continuous mining, it is mainly to study the entire mining process of the ore body, stage and ore block, so as to coordinate the three processes of mining, mining and transportation, so that the staff can work in a parallel space. , thereby improving the efficiency of continuous mining. In addition, non-waste mining is an important way to achieve sustainable development of mining, which can reduce the discharge of waste, improve the utilization of mineral resources, and reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of mineral resources development technology. In the specific work, it is mainly from two aspects: The first is to minimize waste in mining work. When mining, try to reduce the amount of waste that is mined or directly used. For example, in the actual work, a working method with a small cutting ratio can be used. The second is the effective use of mining waste. For example, the mined waste can be used in the production of buildings or foundation filling and pavement construction.
2.3 Intelligent Digital Mine
For the mining of underground metal mines, in the process of using continuous mining technology, not only the introduction of advanced information technology and network technology, but also the selection of efficient and mechanized mining facilities, improve the technical level of mining, and then establish an intelligent and digital Mine mining system. To this end, we combined the relevant content of the Rand report and clearly pointed out that the most important process technologies in the future mining technology are as follows.

For example, sensor technology, communication technology, electronic equipment with ruggedness and durability, computer software technology, and positioning technology. These technologies can not only promote the rapid development of underground mining technology, but also help to achieve the three-dimensional visualization of the mining environment, thereby improving the mining effect of underground metal mines, and further ensuring the stability and safety of underground operations. When the intelligent digital mine is established, it is mainly to carry out comprehensive and efficient digital management integration of various mine information and resources under a unified time coordinate and space. And it can be effectively managed by computer network technology. Moreover, in the establishment of such a model, factors such as production, operation, resources and environment will be taken into consideration to optimize the industrial structure of the mining enterprise and enhance its competitiveness.
3 Technical aspects of continuous mining in underground metal mines
3.1 Creation and mining continuous technology to coordinate mining routes
In the case of rocky deposits, it is necessary to strictly control the width of the last chassis of the large or medium-sized deposits, usually exceeding the 60-meter index. For the width of the last chassis of the stope of the small deposit, the index of more than 40 meters can be properly controlled. In the case of soft mineral deposits with low ore susceptibility, the width of the final chassis of large and medium-sized deposits can be appropriately controlled to an index greater than 40 meters. The smallest width of a small deposit can be regulated at a standard greater than 20 meters. In the process of ensuring the normal and safe work of workers, our professional and technical personnel are required to carry out reasonable test control on the site. Generally speaking, for the rocky ore area, under the condition of reasonable control of the slope, the adjustable range is 500. Within the meter, for the softer, it is controlled at 15 meters. In the continuous operation of metal mining, the large and medium-sized deposits for limestone and dolomite textures are generally about 8 meters deep, whereas the small deposits are best at about 4 meters.
In addition to this, there are some layers of mineral materials in the continuous mining, in the depth of the control is in the range of 4 meters. In some special areas, such as the cover layer, mountain veins and other areas, it is generally between 0.5-1 meters.
3.2 Do a safe construction measure and use the vibration unit for continuous operation.
In the implementation of underground mining in mines, construction personnel must implement safety protection measures and construct reasonable mining personnel and property protection systems. In combination with some safety risk accidents of continuous mining, it has been found through research and evaluation that the production of gangs in the top of the mine roof and the collapse of the ore body are extremely serious, directly causing great losses to the workers’ physical and mental and property safety. The incidence of accidents was 24.1% and 20%. In addition, “falling from a height” accounts for 10.30% of the accidents, which poses a great threat to the personal safety of workers during construction activities.
4 Summary
The development goal of the new era is to use the lowest cost to achieve the most efficient mining output, reduce environmental pollution, provide safer and more reliable working environment and production conditions for workers working underground, and ensure their personal safety. To improve the overall economic benefits of underground metal mines.

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[2] Yan Wentian, Fan Wenlu. Discussion on Prediction and Monitoring Safety Technology of Surface Subsidence in Metal Mining[J]. China Mine Engineering, 2016, 03: 64-67.
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Article source: World Nonferrous Metals, 2017.4    
Author: fancy, Li Mingzhu; (Liaoning Paishanlou Gold Mining Co., Ltd., Fuxin, Liaoning 123000)

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