The collapsed air is widely used as a power in many industries because of its sufficient gas source to urinate along the pressure drop, long-distance transport without pollution, and safe use. However, the compressed air station is also referred to as the air compressor station, which is also a large energy consumer. The power consumption accounts for about 2030 of the total power consumption of the enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, the total cost of air compressor station operation is in addition to the daily maintenance and abnormal maintenance costs of infrastructure costs. In addition, operating energy costs account for about 7080 of the total cost, of which nearly 40 or even 50 of the operating energy costs are due to leakage and false demand, while the false demand has a great relationship with the design of the air compressor station. The energy saving potential of air compressor stations is great.

1 Energy-saving design measures 1.1 Reasonable design and selection of air compressors. The exhaust pressure of the air compressor directly affects the energy consumption of the air compressor. The coal injection process of the blast furnace system in Maanshan New District requires a supply pressure of 1.1 outside 1.1. The gas supply pressure of other compressor users is less than or equal to 0.8; therefore, the design is designed to ensure the pressure loss during the gas supply process as accurately as possible under the condition of ensuring the minimum supply pressure, and select the exhaust pressure. Air compressors 2511 of 251 and 0.9513 are supplied separately to avoid unnecessary high pressure and reduce energy consumption.

As with the exhaust pressure, the displacement of the air compressor is also an important factor affecting its energy consumption. The determination of the air compressor exhaust volume not only needs to calculate the consumption and leakage of each user, but also allows to consider the two control modes of compressed air. When the gas volume is stable, the constant pressure control is adopted, and the valve is steplessly positioned. 0100 full process adjustment, improve gas supply stability; automatic gas dual control, constant pressure control and low flow rate upper and lower limit pressure control can be used to effectively save the monthly steam + and energy consumption. The match is better than the best.

The important performance indicators for measuring the energy-saving level of air compressors are efficiency and specific power. Therefore, in design selection, air jade units with high efficiency and low power should be selected. The air compressor rotor structure selected for the juice in the new district of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a single shaft and impeller. Each rotor short shaft has a working impeller independently. This structure not only enables each stage of the impeller to work at the optimal speed, but also has the best speed and the best matching at all levels. The whole machine has the highest efficiency and the energy consumption is lower than other similar units. And each level has an independent test. It can meet the needs of overload and change to frequent start, minimizing energy. The selected empty machine adopts full-floating graphite ring seal, the leakage of compressed air per stage is less than or equal to 3, and the total leakage of the whole-stage compression is not more than 9, which is far lower than the design of the external gas pipe outside the traditional labyrinth. . The air travels inside the cooling tube with inner fins, which is a straight line, which reduces the resistance structure. The cooling efficiency is high. The water is outside the cooling tube, which is equivalent to the natural soundproof cover, so that the noise of the compressor does not exceed 85, which is the world. The compressor with the lowest noise; the cooling tube and the fin are made of copper, the heat transfer efficiency is doubled by the stainless steel; the water shell side, the lateral scouring, the heat transfer effect is good, the anti-pollution performance is good, and the scale is not easy; the copper tube cooler There is no limit to the conductivity of the solid solids in the cooling water.

Reasonably design the air compressor intake line. The air compressor intake pipe of Maanshan New District adopts large diameter stainless steel pipe, which is short and straight, and the air filter is high. The intake pipe and air filter adopt a similar box design, which reduces the resistance and increases the intake pressure. The amount of exhaust is still available.

Design the cooling water system reasonably. The design of air compressor station in Maanshan New District mainly takes measures to control the cooling water system from the aspects of water quality and water temperature and cooling water recovery.

The cooling water system uses a circulating water supply system to prevent direct discharge and avoid waste of cooling water. The circulating water uses an open high-level cooling tower system to save investment and reduce operating costs.

On the wave, the lower the cooling water inlet temperature, the better the cooling effect of the air cooler, and the air compressor exhaust temperature is low. However, the determination of the inlet water temperature is also affected by local meteorological environmental conditions. After overall consideration and technical and economic comparison, 4 finally remembers that the highest cooling water inlet temperature under the most unfavorable conditions in summer is 35, J solid tourmaline pan, sputum tip, save water, but there is dry by corpse air compressor station In order to ensure the intake air temperature of the dryer, the drainage temperature should be determined according to the specific conditions.

Improve the quality of the cooling water 1 to prevent the air cooler from scaling, improve the cooling efficiency, reduce the power consumption of the air compressor, and save maintenance costs. The cooling water quality of the air compressor station in Maanshan New District is 85005, 2007 standard, and confirmed by the air compressor supplier. The cooling water process system is fine-tuned for individual differential indicators, so that the cooling water quality is more matched with the air cooler.

Good cooling water not only makes the air compression closer to isothermal compression, but also reduces the contraction work. Moreover, the Zhongning cooler extracts a lot of condensed water, reduces the burden on the drying equipment, improves the efficiency, and reduces the power consumption. 1.2 Air filter The air filter 1 is referred to as a clean air filter after technical and economic comparison.

Differential pressure device, stage filtration and over-size configuration not only reduce the pressure drop, but also ensure sufficient air intake; it also extends the service life of each filter unit and reduces operating costs.

1.3 When the dryer is used, the dryness requirements of the pressure of each system are accurately analyzed to reasonably determine the pressure dew point of the clean compressed air.

2 The drying process of the compressed air adopts the adsorption method and the freezing method. Since the pressure dew point of the freeze dryer is 210, which cannot meet the process requirements, the adsorption dryer is designed. At present, the adsorption dryer mainly has a kind of regeneration form without heat micro-heating and heating, and the economic and technical analysis of three kinds of dryers 1. Through analysis, due to the small amount of regeneration gas of the micro-thermal adsorption regeneration dryer, the comprehensive economy and technical indicators are good, therefore, the horse The design of the air compressor station in the new steel district finally chose the micro-thermal adsorption regeneration dryer as the compressed air drying equipment.

Technical index force hot no heat micro-heat working principle variable temperature adsorption regeneration pressure swing adsorption regeneration adsorption tower volume adsorbent silica gel molecular sieve cinnamon molecular sieve silica gel molecular sieve treatment gas volume working pressure MPa duty cycle min pressure dew point T 40 regeneration temperature, regeneration gas consumption Heater energy consumption 20 no small comprehensive energy consumption index price ratio 3 Because the sorbent charge of the micro-thermal adsorption dryer is relatively cramped compared to the rated treatment amount, that is, the filling amount will affect the finished product dew point. Therefore, the actual treatment volume of the adsorption dryer is controlled within the range of 7080 of the rated treatment capacity. This is the reason why the design of the drying machine of the Ma Steel New District air compressor station is oversized.

2 Conclusion The energy-saving potential of the air compressor station is very large, and the special generation is increasingly in short supply of energy; Qi Yunyu. It is especially important to set up the energy-saving methods and measures adopted in the juice process. It is necessary to compare the feasibility of energy-saving effects with the cost, and comprehensively consider, in particular, to ensure that the gas supply meets the production needs, in order to achieve the creation of the enterprise as much as possible. It’s not worth the candle.

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