Burned cylinder pad  
If the burned area of ​​the cylinder pad is small, it can be filled with asbestos line. When the burned area is large, a piece of shimming can be cut from the same part of the waste cylinder pad of the same thickness and carefully tapped to make the two combined well; If the burnout is between two cylinders, the asbestos thread needs to be wrapped in copper.

Incoming and outgoing hoses burst  
If there is a little breakage, apply a layer of soap on the tape, wrap it at the leak, and tie it with a wire or string; if the tear is serious, remove the hose and cut it in half with a knife. First, use a suitable bamboo tube or thin iron tube, etc., and place it between the hoses, and then tie it with iron wire or string, and then attach it.

Radiator Breaking Radiator When the flat copper tube of the core has a slight leakage, the leak can be glued with soap; if the water leakage is serious, the leakage of the flat copper tube can be pinched gently with pliers so that it does not leak water.

Valve spring breaks  
If only one break is found, two break springs can be installed and used. If several springs are broken, multiple cylinders can remove the adjusting bolts of the inlet and exhaust valves of the cylinder and the valves can be kept closed. At the same time, the oil should be cut off to stop the cylinder from working.

The leaf spring breaks off According to the broken condition, the board spring is put between the leaf spring, the axle and the frame, and is temporarily tied with iron wire or rope, and is driven to the repair point for replacement.

Broken fan tape  
The damage of the fan tape is generally broken. The emergency method is: Several strands can be used for tightening the rope, and its length and thickness should be similar to those of the original fan tape (note that the rope should be caught in the middle, do not expose it to prevent it from biting during rotation), and then tighten it with iron wire. It is also possible to drill a small hole at the two ends of the original fan tape, and use them together for temporary use. When using the above method, the engine should be first commissioned for a few minutes to check if the fan rotation is normal and then drive again.

Suddenly cut off power halfway  
When suddenly the speaker does not ring, no light, starter does not turn, etc., indicating that the vehicle has been completely off. At this time, you can first test the two piles of the battery (not to check the chaos when the inspection, you can use pliers pliers fork pile head), if there is no spark during the touch, then the pile head loose, tighten with a wrench. If the pile head is tightened or cleaned, the power-off phenomenon has not been eliminated, and the connection of the two-pole wires can be checked. If the contact is poor, the symptomatic repairs are required. After the above-mentioned short-circuit condition is eliminated and the power is still off, the individual cells of the battery should be tested. If a single cell is damaged, a good cell can be directly connected by using a copper wire or a wire.

Clutch slip  
If the friction plate is oily and slippery, you can press down the clutch pedal, use the oil gun to install gasoline, and aim at the gap between the flywheel, friction plate, and clutch pressure plate, so that the oil on it will be removed by the impact of gasoline and melted. , can be temporarily used (if no oil gun and other objects are used instead, the plastic pipe or rubber hose can be used to suck the gasoline to align the shot); if the friction plate slips due to burning, the burned part can be used , But when starting to drive, it should be smooth and the speed change action should be rapid.

Jack-free change of tire  
When replacing tires with double rows of tires, the inner wheel can be lifted with planks or bricks (stones) so that the outer wheel can be hung and can be replaced. When replacing tires in a single or double row of tires, a flat section can be used first. The inclined roof of the top wood is under the front axle rear axle which needs to change tires, and then slowly drive the car so that the top wood will lift the front axle or the rear axle. When the top wood is vertically stabilized, the tire can be replaced.

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