Japan developed miniature PM2.5 detector

Recently, a research team at Nagoya University in Japan developed a detector with a PM2.5 size of only 5 cm square, which is only 1% of the current PM2.5 detector installed by local governments in Japan.

According to reports, the detector developed by the research team can detect particles with a diameter of about 0.3 microns, and the detection accuracy is even higher than the high-end detectors currently on the market.

At present, the price of detectors purchased by local governments in Japan is between millions and 10 million yen. The miniature detector developed by Nagoya University costs only a few thousand yen (about several hundred dollars). RMB).

It is reported that the research team is planning to cooperate with a well-known Japanese electrical company to install this detector on the air purifier, and will begin selling in September this year.

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