In summer, it is not only inconvenient for riders to travel, but also dust and other objects on the body and chassis. Cleaning and checking the car after the rain is a necessary part of the daily maintenance of the vehicle, although it is a lot of work.

1, timely cleaning of acidic materials in the rain will cause damage to the paint, do not wash the car in time, the paint is easy to lose luster.

Tianyiqing should clean the body, waxing or sealing the glaze can effectively protect the car's paint, to prevent paint fade aging 2, check whether the brake fluid is wet damp weather during the rainy season will produce a large number of brake fluid cup Water and enter the brake fluid. If moisture enters the brake fluid, the high temperature generated by the vehicle during the braking process will evaporate a large amount of water vapor. The compressibility of the gas will cause the brake to malfunction or even fail.

The owner can verify if there are problems with the brake system in three situations: the brakes need to be stepped deeply, the brakes are heard, the brake distance is longer than before, and one of these three conditions occurs, and the vehicle must be repaired. Factory inspection.

3. After the rain, the circuit must check that some of the cars are not ready to start on rainy days. Even if they are barely started, they always feel that the engine is “gasless”. This is because the car's circuit or ignition system is damp.

When the car is wading, it must be checked in time. Once it is discovered that the ignition system is too humid and the ignition is poor and the engine performance is degraded, it is necessary to dry the electric equipment with a non-fibrous paper towel or textile, and then try to start it again. If the engine stalls due to moisture, do not repeatedly start the ignition so as not to damage the engine.

4, the vehicle dehumidifier is no less rainy days, the air is wet, riders should pay attention to the car's internal anti-bacterial, especially car seats, textile carpets, outlets and other health corners.

It is recommended that owners who like car perfumes use neutral, light-tasting perfumes in the summer and do not use acidic perfumes such as lemon. When it's rainy, you can turn on the cold air of the air conditioner. This not only removes fog, but also removes moisture. Placing an old newspaper in the car can also effectively remove the moisture in the car.

5. Benefits of Chassis Plastic Sealing After a heavy rain, the chassis of the car should be cleaned in time; if there is sludge accumulation in the chassis, it is easy to hide the moisture and cause the chassis to rust.

Chassis sealing enables the chassis to be insulated from the air, achieving anti-corrosion, rust-proof and sound-insulating functions. Chassis molding is generally done by professional car maintenance personnel. The entire process takes 30 to 40 minutes. After the chassis is sealed, the effect can be maintained for 3 months or even longer. It should be noted that before the chassis is sealed, special detergents should be used to remove the asphalt and oil adhered on the chassis and cover the heat-dissipating parts of the transmission and exhaust system so that good protection effects can be achieved.

6. The headlights become foggy and rainy. The headlights of the car are easily flooded, the brightness is affected, the direction of illumination of the headlights is changed, and the headlights may also be damaged, which may cause safety hazards.

If the headlights have water mist, you can turn on the headlights. After 10 minutes, if the water mist in the headlights starts to disappear, can it completely disappear after one hour; if there is water fog, it must go to a professional after-sales service station for processing.

7, the engine needs to be checked in time to first remove the battery negative wire as soon as possible, so as not to cause a short circuit in the vehicle's various electrical appliances due to water. After the car comes out of the water, it is necessary to check the engine: first check whether the engine cylinder has water, and the water will cause the connecting rod to be bent and damage the engine.

8. Inspect whether the oil inflow once in a timely manner. Once the oil enters the water, it will cause engine oil to degenerate, lose the lubrication effect, and cause excessive engine wear.

9. Check if the battery is filled with water. Check if the battery is full of water. If necessary, replace the battery 10. Do not forget to check the automatic transmission. Check whether the automatic transmission and the transmission control computer are filled with water.

Slim Rotary Damper mainly used for small diameter, long height space. Shaft Damper is used to dampen drives, control speed, and many other applications. Shaft damper are widely used in invisible screens. Shaft damper can make the movement of structures soft, quiet and safe to mitigate the impact, avoid the damage, increase the mechanical life, reduce noise, and improve product quality.

Shaft Damper


1. Please contact the corresponding product engineer for specific torque products

2. Max. rotation speed: 50r/min

3. Max. circle rate: 5 cycle/min(Clockwise180 °, 180 ° anti-clockwise for 1 cycle)

4. Operating temperature: -10~50℃

5. Storage temperature:-30~80℃

Shaft Damper Characteristics

Applied torque: (T)

Test Temperature: 23+/-5℃

Rotating speed:20r/min

Durability test Method:Clockwise 180 Â°, 180 Â° anti-clockwise

Rotating speed: 20r/min

Test Frequency: 1cycle/min

Test Temperature: 23±5℃

Durability test cycle: 50000cycle

Test result criteria: Store in the room temperature for 24 hours or more after the test, recording to the torque T=T±30%T.

Shaft Damper

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