In order to reward users, Xichai Engine will hold a "3.11" spike on November 11, 2015. Prizes include 11 Xichai Aowei 11L engines or equivalent FAW Xichai maintenance voucher, registered users can directly spike in the "Wisdom Xichai" APP platform. What is the sacredness of Xichai Aowei in the day? The following Xiaobian will familiarize you with it.

Xichai Aowei 11 litre engine features
Xichai Aowei 11 litre engine features

● Strong gold displacement power and greater torque

Aowei 11 liters of CA6DM diesel engine has a maximum torque of 1900 N·m. It has good acceleration transient response and short acceleration time. Torque up to 1100N·m at 800r/min

● Multiple ways to control lower fuel consumption

From design and development to production, the fuel economy of the engine is strictly controlled. Through advanced structural technology, perfect calculation methods, and sophisticated performance matching and development, it ensures that diesel engines have lower fuel consumption. CA6DM is the first heavy-duty diesel engine in the country that uses a four-valve overhead camshaft. The intake air is more accurate, more abundant, and the combustion is more complete and the fuel economy is better.

● Pollution-reduced tail gas reduces noise emission

Using BOSCH's advanced high-pressure common-rail fuel system, the emission standards started at the National III and have now been switched to the National IV, and they have the potential for national five emission in the future. Reduced gas emissions ensure that the diesel engine is more environmentally friendly. The full-floating plastic cylinder head cover of the engine, and the symmetrical drum shape of the body skirt also make the diesel engine have better noise emission reduction, and the average noise level is 94.6dB.

Xichai Aowei 11 litre engine introduction
Xichai Aowei 11 litre engine introduction

● Advanced structural design for longer life

Cylinder head: Through advanced structural design, complete mechanical development, high strength, long-term durable development, ensure that the product life is longer and more resistant to test. With the patented cross-flow double water jacket design, the cylinder head is cooled more evenly and the overall rigidity is higher. It can meet the in-cylinder explosion pressure above 200 bar and the cylinder head does not crack.

Cylinder liner: wet cylinder liner design, high strength cylinder liner, small deformation, making the piston more reliable, to meet the explosion pressure of more than 200bar cylinder. So far, Xichai CA6DM has owned a B10 life span of 1 million kilometers, guaranteeing the long-term operation of the CA6DM engine.

Camshaft: The use of an overhead camshaft eliminates pushers and tappets, reducing the risk of wear on the push rods and tappets. The contact surface of the breakage connecting rod is more reliable and more stressful, which increases the reliability of the connecting rod.

● Structural dimension design is more forward-looking

CA6DM adopts the integrated cooling, filtration and modular design of the international heavy truck engine development trend, which makes the structure size of the diesel engine more compact and it is more convenient to replace the filter element. With a compact front-end accessory drive system. The PTO output device is arranged on the rear flywheel housing to match the special vehicle chassis. The output torque is 1200N.m, which can meet the needs of concrete mixers with 12m3 or more.

● FCB engine braking device is more secure

The brake FCB system introduced introduced the world's most advanced solid-chain compression and release braking technology. The rigid metal link mechanism, compared with the traditional engine brake, can effectively reduce the deformation and load generated under high-speed running conditions of the vehicle. The higher the engine speed, the higher the braking power, and the application of solid chain compression and release technology to make the Xichai engine's braking power greater. The standard FCB engine brake allows the vehicle to run downhill over long distances without having to step on the brake, significantly reducing the wear of the brake pads, ensuring that the brake pads operate at a relatively low temperature, and improving the overall vehicle safety and braking system reliability. .

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