* After the switch is turned on and off, the variable frequency speed control air compressor continuously detects the pressure change of the air system through the EPC intelligent controller. The feedback pressure is compared with the set pressure, and the inverter output is controlled in real time to accurately change the speed to make the air tank. The air pressure is stabilized at the set pressure to ensure that the air compressor's exhaust volume is consistent with the user's system demand, so that the air compressor can maintain the best operating efficiency between the output air volume and energy consumption. When the gas is not used for a long time, it can be automatically stopped according to the preset parameters, and the gas can be restarted again, thereby achieving the most energy-saving purpose.

When the air compressor is running continuously, the temperature of the compressor main body will rise. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the system is set to 85*CC, which can be set by the controller according to the application environment.) The air compressor starts running, which is used to reduce the host work. temperature. When the fan runs for a period of time, the temperature of the main engine drops, and the fan is stopped below 70*C. Air compressor system diagram such as.

Air compressor system frequency conversion speed advantage Advantages of frequency conversion air compressor In addition to the clear benefits of power saving, it can also provide stable exhaust pressure, improve the operating efficiency of air compressor, effectively reduce the starting current, eliminate star-delta switching The impact current and the service life of the air compressor are extended, which has the advantages of significant frequency conversion and speed regulation compared with the control of the conventional air compressor.

4.1 Start-up smooth Because the inverter itself has the function of the soft starter, the starting current is within 1.2 times of the rated current, and the starting shock is small compared with the power-frequency starting, which is generally more than 6 times of the rated current. The frequency converter is slowly accelerated to start, smoother than the soft start, completely avoiding current peaks. After starting the operation to the rated pressure, the frequency conversion operation is carried out, and the pressure detection is used to continuously track the gas production, and the gas volume required by the customer is output under the condition of maintaining the pressure unchanged, thereby eliminating the waste consumed by the fixed speed air compressor loading and unloading control. phenomenon. This kind of starting method not only reduces the impact on the power grid or the entire mechanical system, but also reduces mechanical shock and noise.

4.2 Constant pressure power saving shows that the compressed air in the operation of ordinary air compressors and variable frequency air compressors is one of the most widely used power sources in the industrial field. Screw air compressor C is referred to as air compressor. As the largest power source for mining and mining operations, its energy consumption usually accounts for 8% and 20% of the total power consumption of enterprises. One of the key tasks.

1 Variable frequency speed control technology is known from the asynchronous motor speed regulation formula nzGOfl-sp. Under the condition of given load torque, the method of adjusting the speed of the asynchronous motor is: changing the pole-to-digital speed of the motor and changing the frequency of the power supply. ; frequency control) and change the motor slip rate s. Frequency control is to achieve speed by changing the frequency of the motor's stator rotating magnetic field. At present, with the continuous development of frequency conversion technology, the frequency converter is an energy-saving device with advanced technology and excellent performance, which plays a dominant role in the speed regulation of three-phase asynchronous motor in developed countries. Due to its advanced nature, rationality, energy saving and automation, more and more industrial motors use frequency converters for speed regulation.

2 Analysis and comparison of the control of the conventional air compressor is empty, heavy-duty control or air-throttle mode control. When the air compressor in the empty and heavy-load operation mode is operated at 50% air consumption, the air pressure opportunity It often switches between heavy load and no load, so although it consumes 72.5% of full load power, it only provides 50% of the output air volume, and the conclusion is that the operating efficiency is 22.5%.

The variable frequency air compressor reacts to changes in system pressure by changing the air compressor speed and maintains a stable system pressure. When the system consumes less air, the amount of compressed air provided by the air compressor will be greater than the system consumption. The variable frequency air compressor will reduce the speed and reduce the output compressed air volume to maintain a stable system pressure. If the amount of compressed air supplied by the air compressor is less than the system consumption when the air consumption of the system increases, the inverter air compressor speed will increase relatively, and at the same time increase the output compressed air volume, thus passing the EPC intelligent controller, frequency converter, frequency conversion The combined action of the motors keeps the system pressure values ​​stable.

3 control system variable frequency speed control air compressor consists of frequency converter, pressure sensor (pressure transmitter or remote pressure gauge), variable frequency motor, spiral rotor composed of pressure closed loop control system.

The system is equipped with EPC frequency conversion intelligent control system for automatic and intelligent operation, and detects on-site data such as exhaust pressure and temperature. The pressure sensor installed on the air outlet pipe at the rear end of the air compressor is used to control the pressure of the air compressor. When the air compressor starts, the loading solenoid valve is in the closed state, the loading cylinder does not move, the inverter drives the motor to run at no load, and the C can be set by the controller for a period of time, generally 10s), the loading solenoid valve is opened, and the air compressor is opened. Running with load. When the air compressor starts the screw type air compressor, the frequency conversion speed control technology application Lu Jianbao (Yongan Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Xiaohua Coal Mine Fujian Datian 366103) benefits.

Key words: frequency conversion speed screw machine air compressor energy-saving school oil and gas separator oil and gas male according to the real-time energy consumption of the chiller, calculate the hourly change of its operating COP value, as shown. It can be seen that when the unit is running, the COP value is always higher than the COP limit specified by the national standard. 4.2. The building is supplied by two chillers in parallel, and each chiller consists of three heads. The middle unit can automatically adjust the number of working heads according to the inlet and outlet temperatures of the chilled water to maintain high operating efficiency. However, there are still some periods with low efficiency, such as 12:0013:00 on June 10, at this time for lunchtime, less office staff, lower cold load, single head operation of No. 1 chiller, No. 2 chiller ( Continued from page 56) The comparison between the normal air compressor and the variable frequency air compressor pressure. Ordinary air compressors have been loading and unloading frequently between the pressure and the pressure higher than 0.15MPa. This is more than the 10.5% power consumption caused by the pressure difference of 0.15MPa under the pressure state. It consumes 7% more electricity per lkg). Moreover, the zero gas supply standby consumes 45% of the no-load energy during the unloading. Therefore, constant pressure gas supply not only saves electricity, but also eliminates the unloading and unloading control, which makes the unit life shortening and pressure instability bring bad factors to the production.

4.3 Overmodulation technology Due to the overmodulation technology used by the inverter, when the AC power supply voltage is slightly lower, it can still output enough torque to drive the motor to work; when the voltage is slightly higher, it will not cause the voltage output to the motor to be high; The characteristics of the motor VF (the variable frequency air compressor works below 50 Hz in the energy-saving state, and the field effect is low for the grid voltage is low. For the self-generation, the variable frequency drive can show its advantages.

4.4 It can realize one-to-many operation mode, energy-saving and emission-reducing shirts, hot environment|group double head operation, and the energy efficiency of two chillers is lower. The efficiency of the chiller decreases as the cooling load decreases. At this time, if it is switched to the single unit operation, its efficiency will be significantly improved.

6 Conclusion After fully understanding the actual situation of an office building energy system, and extensively reviewing the domestic and international building energy consumption monitoring system, the owner started research and development of the office building energy comprehensive management system. Through the system, it is possible to monitor the operation of various energy systems in the building, find energy consumption anomalies, and find energy-saving potential. At the same time, it can also grasp the overall energy consumption of the building and its affiliates, and provide energy-saving assessment and energy efficiency evaluation. in accordance with. The work of this paper provides the construction of existing building energy consumption monitoring platform, the analysis of building energy saving potential and energy-saving renovation.

The air-to-Oil Cooler is mainly used in various equipments that use petroleum, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. as heat medium to achieve the purpose of cooling the high-temperature oil passing through the heat exchanger through air-cooling.

Advantages: Strong corrosion resistance, compact structure, small footprint, and high degree of customization.various air-cooled drive modes, DC motor, AC motor, hydraulic motor, air motor, special explosion-proof motor, etc., better to choose the appropriate drive mode according to industrial environmental factors, without the help of external cooling medium, lower The hardware requirements can be used to cool the oil and ultimately ensure the benign operation of the equipment.

Applications: Construction machinery engines, hydraulic transmission equipment, air compressors, production and processing equipment, industrial spraying equipment, electrical equipment, generator sets, marine equipment, wind power equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc. 

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