Liaoning, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and municipalities consumer associations (CC, Consumer Protection Committee) a total of 31 consumer rights protection units recently conducted a survey on the special car service, the survey results released on the 29th showed that nearly 80% of the respondents are willing to accept the car Services, while the car service still has problems such as non-uniform standards and neglected consumer safety protection.
According to the survey, more than 65.50% of the respondents indicated that they have experienced the car service, and nearly 80% of the respondents indicated that they are willing to accept the car service. The survey found that more than 70% of respondents expressed “satisfaction” or “very satisfied” with the car service.
The survey also showed that the service initiatives of the specialized car companies were uneven, and the work of protecting consumer rights and interests needs to be further improved. The survey pointed out that some car drivers came from private car owners and lacked service awareness. Each special car company shall establish a regular training mechanism for the special driver and implement the final elimination system. The car company should improve and perfect the car service experience on the APP side, set up a special person to handle consumer complaints, and improve the consumer rights protection mechanism.
31 consumer rights protection units suggested that special vehicle services should be issued as soon as possible, and relevant regulatory authorities should introduce industry supervision measures as soon as possible to build an industry self-discipline and supervision and management mechanism to protect consumer rights.

Electric Airless Sprayer with piston pump is specifically designed for the professional painter, equipped with EzControl system and TEFC Brushless DC motor. 
It's the ideal choice for contractors who need a higher output Airless Paint Sprayer for daily use on residential jobs. It is the portable sprayer with maximum flow.
Electric Airless Paint Spray Machine Advantage
1)  Proven Pump can ensure exceptional life
The imported leather V-packing also provide the machine longer lifetime.

2)  Exclusive Brushless DC Motor
Brushless DC Motor-Never change brushes with this maintenance-free, which makes the machine work efficiently no matter low or high speed.

3)  Easy out Manifold Filter
Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs. The pump filter could be disassembled by hand easily.

4) Smart Pressure Control system
Latest pressure control system delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure. And with digital display, you can read and regulate the pressure easily. The microprocessor will generate the fast response when spraying.

5) Stainless Steel Rack.
Stainless steel Rack makes the machine firm stand

Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

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